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She then found a page on social network Facebook that did preorders for shoes, contact lenses, polaroid cameras and more.

Because she was in need of a supplier, she ordered more than 20 pairs of shoes with registered postage and paid over 0.

A serial number on the back of the i Tunes card will let a user download music, movies, games or apps, according to the card's value.

She also told him she would meet him at 10pm near his place, as long as he bought the card for her.

John said: "I feel so stupid to have fallen into the trap.But after he bought the first card, which cost 0, her "big brother" started messaging John, telling him to pay an additional fee to meet her.He told John to snap pictures of the serial number on the i Tunes cards, so they did not have to meet physically.The scams can also include the planting of sophisticated software on computers that sucks out all personal information. SMISHING So-called "smishing", or SMS plus "phishing", is a variant that thrives on the rising popularity of smartphones.Scammers pose as banks or credit card companies to acquire personal details. LOTTERY Unexpected prize or lottery scams usually work by asking you to pay some sort of fee to claim your prize or winnings from a competition or lottery you never entered.

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She said: "It seemed like a trusted page since it's from Singapore." At first, she was told the stocks were delayed.

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