You know they say white guys dating asian girls

I know white guys who have dated and married Asian women.

If you take the time to talk to the couples, you will find that many times, it’s the woman who made sure she got the man SHE wanted. But is white fever accounting for the rest of the times?

In fact, I know many couples where the relationship was initiated by the woman.

There tends to be a belief out there that this is all coming from the men. White guys will routinely date women of other ethnicities.

If I had to hazard a guess as to why some white guys like petite Asian girls (you know, the whole "Asian persuasion" / "Yellow Fever" thang) it has to do with the model or ideal of feminity that they are attracted to (which would be the same reason men of all races sometimes like Asian women).

Nonetheless I suppose that’s enough to make me a prominent Quora expert on the topic.

I guess there’s a perception that I’m an expert on (or afflicted with) ‘de Yellow Fevah’ which I find rather ironic as I’m not some sort of serial dater of Asian women (and was only in a semi-serious though completely dysfunctional relationship with an Asian lady about 15yrs ago).

I’ve received three anonymous A2A’s on this question (one after I deleted the answer which I satisfied by undeleting it).

In short, yellow fever is a term used by people to negatively portray white men.

These same people want to call white men racist, and then go around and call them racist, when they date women of other ethnicities.

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