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happy trails I'm just about to put33's and a torsion lift on my regular H3(i know i should have looked around and found the adventure package - but choices were limited at the time) New to the Forum, I dont agree with some answer's.... Last week I just installed Nitto 315/75/16 on the OEM Wheels.

At the time I still had the low front end and I have NO RUBBING issues fully turned to the Left or Right, NONE at all, in fact I have about 1.5" of clearence fully turned either direction.

There's NO need to buy a lift kit of any kind to clear 35's.....

If you go larger than two inches, you'll need computer reclabriation and for safety, a brake upgrade. If you do want to run something as large and aggressive as a 35" tire; you'll need to consider a body lift, chassis lift or both.The other day I took a 1 1/16" wrench and got a hold of the torsion bar bolts underneith.Leveled the front end to the back, took about 30 min to do, very easy....Ive read horror stories in many forums regarding bigger tires and adjusting torsion bars, if you can read and follow instructions its simple.There are several good video's and you tube regarding this.....

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Logans fears are unfounded for a H3, counter to popular belief the H3 is very different from the Canyon/Colorado.

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