Xbox 360 not updating video library software catalog needs updating

The Xbox application will now ship standard on every single Windows 10 device and will function as a comprehensive front-end application for managing a games library across multiple devices.

With the heavy push Microsoft is putting on unifying the kernel and development code across the various versions of Windows, it’s likely that the company will roll Windows Phone games over to the Windows desktop platform at some point.

With new, universal apps simultaneously coming to the Xbox One, we could see intriguing cross-platform options.

The Xbox One looks as though it’s going to gain some basic PC applications while PCs will soon be capable of streaming the Xbox One’s library of games. Moving past that announcement, this event was also supposed to be the big unveil for Direct X 12, but Microsoft only barely demonstrated the feature.

To say that the unveil was important would be something of an understatement; MIcrosoft’s Windows 8 is arguably the least-successful OS Microsoft has launched in decades, with an adoption rate that has generally lagged even Windows Vista.

Subtle differences in draw distance, texturing, and control schemes suddenly become far more important when players are competing on vastly different hardware.

Handheld controllers aren’t nearly as accurate as a keyboard and mouse, but the aim assist feature built into many console FPS games could leave PC players crying foul.

Based on what Microsoft showed today, the company has a shot at winning back some unhappy users.

First up, the big news: Windows 10 will be a free upgrade to anyone currently running Windows 7 or Windows 8. It’s not clear yet if that upgrade guarantee applies to both Home and Pro users, or if Windows 8.1 users with the Media Center Pack will be properly taken care of this time (if you owned the MCP for Windows 8.0, the 8.1 upgrade was entertaining, to say the least).

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Microsoft, in contrast, has opened streaming options to of potential systems in the US alone.

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