X factor diana and eoghan dating

"They are both very young and perhaps a cooling-off period is not a bad thing."It seems clear that Diana still has a lot of unfinished issues with her ex Chris Jones, and Eoghan will be pushed into the background for now.

It's the news he does not want to hear."Vickers has insisted she was not unfaithful to Jones, despite the widely-pictured kiss with her co-competitor from Derry, Northern Ireland. I'll tell Chris everything to do with me and Eoghan and I would never cheat on anyone in my life," she said.

It comes despite comments made by the show host Simon Cowell that the pair were "just a couple of kids in love", and despite a picture of them sharing a passionate embrace after the final show on Saturday.

"He has clearly fallen hook, line and sinker for Diana but she seems a bit more wary at the moment.

Two weeks ago Vickers made X Factor history by becoming the first act to be signed off from singing after she was struck down with laryngitis.

She was back performing last week with a version of Coldplay's Yellow.

Ditching his previous younger look, Eoghan sported an edgier style including darker, choppier hair as opposed to his blonde spikes.

Meanwhile Irish-born Quigg, the last of Cowell’s acts and the youngest contestant in the show, is taking the contest in his stride."It's so much to think about – I'm just 17 and I need to think about my career and put my all into it without thinking about someone else and having a relationship."Right now I'm not going to think about anything like that.I'm going to make sure I spend some time with Chris at Christmas, and who's to say what's going to happen in the future?The one-time favourite to win the contest, Diana polled the lowest number of votes from the public on Saturday.She had to sing for survival against Quigg but the judging panel chose to keep him in the competition.

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but I dunno what's going to happen."There's a difference between loving each other and being in love.

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