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As we traveled to meet and photograph each of them on their home turf, and we saw everyone in their element and were charmed and inspired by their fun personalities and work ethics.These are the ones to watch, and we think you’ll be inspired, too.Currently, Vallozzi is in the process of starting an annual “restaurant industry” bone marrow drive, with hopes to launch this spring. I am a lifelong, diehard Pirates fan and season ticket holder. I live Downtown, so any time I have a free moment and the Bucs are playing, I will just walk over — even if I can only catch a few innings.” Wes Lyons, who grew up in North Braddock, played football for Woodland Hills High School, West Virginia University, and the Pittsburgh Steelers.In 2012, he authored a book, “The Pursuit with Patience,” which shares his inspiring journey.

“I feel that the young professionals [in Pittsburgh] strive to be involved in more than just their everyday jobs to be fulfilled and successful,” he says.

He recruited Hugus right out of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh to work as a full-time designer, and seven years later, the pair now co-owns LUXE Home and Design, a luxury kitchen home design firm with locations in Downtown Pittsburgh and East Liberty’s new Indigo Square. “We share the same vision and want to bring the best products and design pertaining to the kitchen and bath industry to Pittsburgh,” he says.

Watching him in the new East Liberty showroom, which opened in October, showing customers steam showers and custom tile from Quebec, and seriously geeking out over the newest kitchen appliances, it’s easy to see that his passion for top-of-the-line contemporary design is real.

There is no better place to be on a winter day than surrounded by plants and flowers. “It’s so exciting to watch the transformation, and just over the past two years since we opened the restaurant, I’ve seen a neighborhood form, new construction, and a city that stays bustling beyond nine-to-five.” Aside from his restaurants’ contributions to the revitalization of Downtown, Vallozzi is also committed to helping the Pittsburgh community through his charitable endeavors.

He’s on the committee of Old Joe Club Charities, which just hosted its annual Men’s Night Out event that raised nearly 0,000 for several local charities.

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In addition to being a student and skilled dancer, Rosellini takes on another big job: she’s the reigning Miss Pennsylvania 2013.

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