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After reading many comments on the songs meaning, as a songwriter, I can tell you the majority of songwriters are just happy to find a great riff and melody for a song, and finish it.

Basically, when she sees my face, I hope it tortures her more than it tortures me, because for being so unfaithful, its what she deserves.

This song would be about his feelings down the road I heard that he actually wrote this song..about a guy who hit a pedestrian and fled the scene without stopping to report the incident..."If you were drowning i would not lend a hand" being symbolic as if you were dieing i wouldn't lend a hand "I saw your face before my friend, but i don't think you know who i am" he saw him in the car.

" a stranger to you and me" the guy was a stranger that got hit "I can see it cumming in the air tonight" "it" being vengeance and justice for the victim..even says he was there and saw what the man did..says for the man to wipe the grin off his face because he's been caught, phil remembered what he did...

Really weird, all this speculation about Phil seeing a man drowning, or drowning someone, or wanting his ex-wife to drown, or some other nonsense. Dear Mister Phil Collins, Vocalist; What was coming in the air Phil? Malcolm Armstrong Adelaide South Australia Listener,/ Occassional singer_The fact about "In the Air Tonight" being the last mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories is incorrect. Phil himself says the whole alblum was about hsi first wife and to make her feel guilty.

The REAL last mission in the game is called "Last Stand", and it involves Victor (the protagonist of the game) officially finishing with his crime life and killing Diego Mendez (a man who along with his brother Armando, betrayed Victor) and Sgt. I think the song is to her lover and is about seeing him and his wife together in bed and rather than confront them he left.

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