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She is further displeased when she learns she will have to leave Eden Hills Grammar and attend Erinsborough High along with Sky, but this subsides when Serena becomes popular and tries to distance herself from her cousin.

After sneaking into a nightclub and lying about her age, Serena meets barman Chris Cousens (Simon Mallory) who offers her his card and tells her he is a photographer.

Of the filming of Serena's exit, Sacher had to film in a swimming pool fitting with dark lighting and a wave machine.

She felt that from an actor's viewpoint it was good to "get her teeth into" the drama filled scenes.

Serena arrives in Erinsborough with her parents David and Liljana, when they arrive to stay with her grandfather Harold (Ian Smith) and her cousin Sky Mangel (Stephanie Mc Intosh) at Number 24 Ramsay Street.

Serena, expecting to stay no more than several weeks until the family's new home is built, is upset when she learns that they will have to remain living in Ramsay Street after David is ripped off by his business partner Thomas Morgan, leaving the family bankrupt.

I made the suggestion that they do women performance artists or women comedians, almost a take-off.

Since launching in 1964, the famous Pirelli calendar has been known to feature the world's top models, mostly nude, captured by renowned photographers.One standout photo in the calendar is of Amy Schumer, who fronts December and is pictured wearing nothing but panties and heels, drinking from a Starbucks cup.When she arrived at the photographer's New York studio back in July, Leibovitz proposed on the spot that she pose nude ironically, as if she didn't get the memo that everyone else was clothed. I was worried for her; I said, 'Are you self-conscious? She made her first on-screen appearance on 9 October 2003.Serena's storylines included kissing her cousin's boyfriend, being taken advantage of by a photographer and starting an incestuous relationship with her half-brother.

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