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You don’t usually get that, especially when you don’t have people meet up and read it in front of producers first, to meet everybody at the table read and already have a really strong bond and we all work perfectly together. You can ask any actor, there is always one person in the cast, they won’t tell you a name, but there is always one person that could be better or do something different, but the entire time we were shooting this, everybody was on their A game, everyone was awesome, and that never happens. I love the ensemble feel of the show, that everyone is given a chance to really shine.

I think it’s really, really good for people to be able to play that out. And that, for me, I pride myself on the fact that our family chemistry is insane.

It’s really fun to actually be a part of a show that you enjoy and are proud of.

What was it that made you want to pursue this role?

You know, I like to look at the season as one long movie, and right now, it’s Noah’s movie.

It’s all focused on that, and we tried to veer away from what the other kids are going through.

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I think I’ve seen one bad comment out of the thousands that are posting, not that I’m crazy and counting them up, but it’s been really amazing [laughs].

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