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One of the things I remember Calvin saying to me years back was there's no such thing as bad publicity. Creativity is the sibling site to Advertising Age, featuring the best work, trends and personalities in brand creativity, as well as the wider world of art, design, culture and entertainment that inspires it.

As for the difference between the two campaigns, "Marky Mark was universally liked, Justin isn't," Mr. "There is an argument where the more risk you take, the more attention you get. I don't think everyone wants to be like Justin Bieber." Ann-Christine Diaz is the editor of Creativity and has been covering the creative side of the advertising/marketing industry for more than ten years.“They push you a little harder than you’d normally push yourself, and make sure you actually go to the gym even when you feel like going home.” And to make sure you both keep each other motivated—make a game out of it: First guy to flake on the gym buys the other a beer (a light one, of course) at happy hour. “Celebs are great eye candy, but they have loads of time and money to put into working out,” says Gray.“Look at their lifestyles before looking to them for motivation.” How can you stay inspired?“Allow your family and friends in on your workout journey so they can help you stay motivated,” says Gray.“After all, they’ll notice your results before you do.” Plus, the positive feedback from them will help you stay on track—as will the sarcastic quips when they see you enter couch potato mode.

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