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And while Wilkinson was ready to give her mom another chance, talking Hank into letting her back on their show was another story entirely. I thought we were all happy and moving on' and now it's like we need to go back and re-enter the drama to get to the healing process and that's what we're dealing with right now." Wilkinson also explained how her renewed relationship with her mother did cause stress in her marriage. It's family or book, I'm not gonna let you choose both!"He's a normal human being and he just is being forced to do it, being forced to be on TV because of me --because you know 'Happy wife, happy life,'" she told Too Fab. "These good people around me don't deserve to go through stuff like this and it's because of someone who is blood related to me," she said. " "Do you really want your family and grandkids and have the value of having your family back or do you want a book and fame and some money? "I'm giving her the choice because I really need to discover, is she a con artist or is she my mother?

“Everyone thinks that the infamous metal gate was meant to keep people out.

(Photo Credit: TLC) The insider claims that Joe “bumped” Jed out of the picture in the early stages of the relationship, saying that there isn’t a lot of information as to how the 18-year-old feels about his brother, 22, dating his ex — adding that the lack of the information isn’t exactly surprising.

“There’s a whole world that goes on that really isn’t so,” the insider explained of life with the stars of previously reported, Joseph proposed to his wife-to-be at his sister Joy’s wedding in May. None Although she's the oldest daughter, Jana is still single — a fact that has prompted fans to call her the "Cinderella" of the family.

In the midst of a naked volleyball game back at the house, it becomes very clear that Kendra is uncomfortable with the relationship between Natalie and David. She continues to provoke Natalie by accusing her of being a “little w**** who shows everything! Was there anything for Kendra to even really be jealous about?

After stepping away from the game for a moment, Kendra comes back in a rage yelling “Hey Natalie! Re-watch the shocking moment above and share your thoughts/comments below.

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quickly went from fun and flirty to fierce and physical when jealousy caused David’s date, Kendra, to confront Natalie about her flirtation with David.

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