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I know the secret of your soul, and I just don't want to know." 24.Aimee Mann, "Amateur" (1997) Over a carnivalesque instrumental track, Mann sings about hoping against reason to find something better in a person (and by extension, their relationship) than there actually is.I tend to think it's just about a toxic kinda woman, but what really matters is that this song stands the test of time.The scratched record and beat are as catchy now as they were then.By 2003 Rafati had served a stint in Los Angeles County Jail and reached 'the bottom of all bottoms', he said.'There was no more digging left to do, all of my shovels were broken,' he said.'I was done.' Rafati became dedicated to his health and sobriety, but the real moment his life changed was when a friend introduced him to 'juicing and superfoods'.'So many outsiders came to Riviera Recovery just to enjoy one of my smoothies,' he said.

His clients included Elizabeth Taylor, Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash, and Academy Award-winning actor Jeff Bridges.

'And give them some much-needed strength.'Lethargy in sobriety is pretty brutal, especially if you're coming off a long run with hard-core drugs.' But it wasn't just the patients at Riviera that loved Rafati's smoothies.

News of his incredible juices started spreading through Malibu.

Thirteen years ago, Khalil Rafati was homeless, addicted to heroin and living in Los Angeles' notorious Skid Row.

He was emaciated, covered in ulcers, and 106 pounds. Rafati is the owner of Sun Life Organics, a juice bar chain that has spread from its birthplace in sunny Malibu to six different locations in Los Angeles.

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