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follows Cole (Aaron Stanford), a man from a post-apocalyptic future in which a plague has wiped out almost all of humanity.

It’s going to be done in a way that honors what they put so much energy into, years prior.

The network knew my work and was familiar with me, and hopefully liked me enough that they wanted to keep me around.

I also owe so much of why I’m in this to Terry [Matalas] and Travis [Fickett] because I did do one episode of .

SCHULL: He doesn’t believe her, but he believes in her.

He doesn’t believe that that happened, but he believes in her and he knows, at her core, who she is.

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  1. If no sparks fly, within moments you’ll be talking to someone new, but if things look promising, you can move to the next step and exchange information for a more casual dating experience.