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his so called "man" friend went and told his wife what was said about her and he received a lot of "threatening calls, vulgar text messages so on and so forth "yep from his friends wife" telling him to pull up and it just went left field (his friend couldn't get his wife in check at all ) and he also told him that if he hears anything else she has done that he didn't want to know at all to just not even tell him...

(and check this out his "friends" wife wants and apology wtf for I have no clue) I don't know how your friend is or how she will handle the information being given to her but like some pp have said you could make a "fake" email account and get in contact with her like that to let her know...

Lets hang out /grab a coffee etc..." If you both are genuinely interested, its easy to continue meeting up.

All his profile said was, "looking for a nice female friend to spoil, no drama please" and in the looking for section, it said casual sex, new friends, short and long-term dating. That way I can walk away before I get pregnant by someone who is unfaithful and disrespectful. Take screenshots and give her solid proof so he can't lie his way out of it.

say something along the lines of "I happened to come across this as I was browsing this site. True story: My husband and I found out that my MIL's husband had a dating profile online.

Thought it might be old but it shows he was recently logged in and active on the site so I thought you may want to know about it. So we created and account and messaged him to make sure he was active, single and ready to mingle.

She will probably want to listen to his lies or excuses, so if she has the concrete evidence...it'll be easier for her to believe that it's true. I really don't have much advice because I'm in a similar predicament...

What an idiot this guy must be....anyone who knows him or her could easily find him! I found out recently through my Husband, that one of our friends is cheating on his Wife. A part of me wishes she never finds out too, but I won't deny, I pray a huge slap comes to her Husband and he wakes the hell up.

I would tell her but I would also tell her anonymously...

That child from the affair is now also 5 years old. I don't understand how he could do this to her and it made me cry when I found out. Sorry for hijacking your post with my own story btw! Then email her a brief description of what you found and the images attached.

But through it all, she's stayed by him and even though he raked up some pretty bad gambling debts recently and lost some friends and credibility due to money issues, and things were pretty down and blue for him, she stayed by him. When you send it, put something in the message line so it's obvious it's not spam. This way it doesn't upset your friendship if she decides to stay with him because she might be ok with it or not believe it. Ask her to come over to hangout and say "I know it's not really my business but if I were in your shoes I'd want to know.

If she's a good friend of yours (and even if she wasn't a good friend), I would would absolutely tell her. It will likely ruin your friendship if you tell her. If they break up she may blame you deep down and not even realize it which will strain your friendship.

Good luck I hope everything works out the way it is meant to. Unfortunately I was the victim in this exact situation.

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