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I was getting the usual talking points from several participants from different organizations, the ones I get when this is discussed on Twitter.Since we had Chatham House Rule I can't say who they are.The users don't know where to go to get real news, so we get the garbage that Facebook serves us.Good morning sports fans and congratulations to the Houston Astros and condolences for fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

So I will give up on trying to convince them it is necessary to compete. However I willl keep my eye out for journalism upstarts, hybrids of editorial and tech, who want to upset this cart by producing a superior news experience, independent of silos. More Newsgeist -- the subject of the massive bit-burning that the turn to HTTPS will cause did come up at one of the last sessions.

Newsgeist was good but I totally felt like I didn't belong.

None of the things I care about are on their radar. Shouldn't there be some self-examination of how they screwed up the 2016 election and implementing some defenses against making the same mistakes again?

Right now the bugs remain not only unfixed, they aren't even reported or logged.

In hindsight, I should have proposed a session about how Facebook and Google are actively destroying the open web.

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