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Three names will surely be presented to members of the lay and clerical orders: the Rev. He says, "We don't expect that participants hang out their shingle after Amicitia. ' 'There were 146 persons there and almost everybody was a cursillista— it was intense." (He adds that the Amicitia sessions in Australia— in Perth and Melbourne— were "marvelous.") However, Trippe carefully points out that Amicitia does not bill itself as "a weekend complete with a moun- tain top experience." Instead, the pro- gram emphasis is on the process, methodology, study and discussion that go into the decision as to one's proper ministry, along with prayer and meditation.

What we do is expose them to a pro- cess for spiritual direction for the long haul of life in whatever they do." Trippe directs the national Amicitia program from Anaheim, Calif., where he is rector of St. "It's for lay people and clergy and for directors and the directed," Trippe says.

And, finally, please be assured that every dollar of what you give will directly help feed people. Special rule of order First they will pray; then they will adopt an agenda and schedule for Convention; and then— shortly after a.m. 25— delegates will deal with item 8(c), "Adoption of Special Orders of Business." The special order of business at the 169th Diocesan Conven- tion in Greensboro will be the election of a Suffragan Bishop to assist Bishop Estill in tending to the need of a diocese where the level of activity is notched higher year by year. As Trippe describes it, Amicitia is for just about anybody who hasn't quite resolved all of life's spiritual challenges. ' 'The largest one we've done was a comb- ined one for the dioceses of Eastern and Western Oregon," Trippe says.

Many diocesan people are already giving money and material. 30, this diocese had contributed ,068 to African relief.

The total given by all Episcopalians in this country in 1984 to date is ,695,323, according to the Presiding Bishop's of- fice.

We hope you'll provide your part of the answer to the only pertinent ques- tion— "How can I help? Nominations also may be made from the floor; all that's required by 8(c) is a nominating form signed by a nominator and two endorsers.

"— by giving as follows: The Presiding Bishop's Fund for World Relief, 815 Second Ave., New York, NY 10017. If no one has a majority after eight ballots, the Nominating Committee will convene, delib- erate and make a recommenda- tion as to further balloting. George Trippe says his Amicitia program has worked well in dioceses from Missouri to Australia and that he expects good things when he brings Amicitia to North Carolina. John's in November, Amicitia participants work back home in small groups that meet monthly and on their own, doing case studies in spiritual direction and reading ex- tensively and intensively.

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Everything is needed, said Habiby— food, cooking pots, fuel, medicine. We will need to continue this effort— at all levels of advocacy— well beyond the time when this is no longer a media crisis." The Presiding Bishop's Fund is, we suggest, a good conduit for diocesan contributions for several reasons: 1.

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