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Trying to control my rudimentary smart-home setup is a different story.I have three Philips Hue bulbs in lamps around my home, and Alexa can always understand when I ask her to turn them long as you have either an Echo of your own or have the Alexa app installed on your i OS or Android device. She's also incapable of launching apps, changing settings or doing any of the nitty-gritty stuff where assistants come in handy on phones.And to be honest, phones -- at least the ones we have now -- don't seem like ideal places for Alexa right now, anyway.Among my friends and colleagues, I have a reputation for being a pretty indiscriminate shopper.Do I need that three-pack of breathable running socks? You could call this a disorder, or perhaps, merely a lack of discipline. Unless I know exactly which ones I want, I would just ask her to "buy me some running socks." Alexa thinks for a second and tells you all about the highest-ranking result for that search query.More precisely, it began this past summer, when I was dragged through a Home Depot, saw a spider-wrapped Echo, and said, "Eh, what the hell?

The thing is, Alexa still feels like she's stuck inside the home.As I write this, Alexa has over 15,000 "skills" -- Amazon's term for all the voice-controlled applets and services that make the assistant more than just a friendly voice in a tube.I've asked Alexa to order a pizza (and canceled because she doesn't support good pizza places) and then played a streamlined version of .I don't mean to make Alexa sound bad; most of the time she handles my commands just fine, so long as they're reasonably simple. Alexa definitely still needs work as a conversationalist, though, and Amazon knows it: Alexa's chief scientist has said prolonged chats are part of the company's vision.Every once in awhile, she's even able to remember the context around what I ask so that I didn't need to ask a slew of repetitive questions. Kennedy was assassinated, she answered correctly; she then correctly answered the question "How many kids did he have? Beyond that, Alexa isn't the best at answering general-knowledge questions.

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