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Indeed, you should avoid have the need for such information. You cannot have a required parameter following an optional parameter.

Your function should work the same regardless of where it was called from. If a parameter is declared as Optional but is not a Variant (e.g, it is a and the default value for that data type (0 or empty string) will be used.

However, you may well need to know the Function Test() Dim Caller Rows As Long Dim Caller Cols As Long Dim Caller Addr As String With Application. You can specify a default value for an optional parameter that should be used if the parameter is omitted. Returning Arrays From Functions Your function can return an array of values so that it can be entered as an array formula, either entered into an array of cells or to return an array to be aggregated by a function like must be between 1 and 5.

The function also requires that if the function is array entered, it must be in either a single row or a single column.

For example, if you modify any of the amounts (or any other cell, in fact), the function will be recalculated and the correct amount will be displayed.To display a value (B2) if a cell (C2) has the value ("YES"), we could use the IF function with this formula In this case, if the test is FALSE, the value will be 0 every time, so there's no reason to have an argument for that.To test to see whether the color is correct, you can use a cell that contains the color that you want as a point of reference : Our function is now ready to be used. Volatile tells us that the application is volatile (which is the case for the IF function).See the next section for example code that return values to a two dimensional range of cells.In a UDF, returns a Range type object that references the cell(s) from which the formula was called.

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The rest of this page assumes that you are familiar with the basics of VBA programming.

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