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Some are suggesting the dash update, but I don't think that it actually comes on there. And I don't think you can actually bring just the hard drive for the optional media update as it is tied to the console (I think).If the dash update doesn't work then is it really that hard to just unplug all the cables from their 360 and bring it to your place?

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The problem is the cables that run from the 360 to the TV also go through a false wall to keep all the cabling neat and it is apparently too much of a pain for them to pull it all out so I can take the 360 to my place and update it for them.

Is there any way that I can update the 360 via external storage like you can with the 360, my googling so far hasn't been very lucky at all. All new releases contain an update partition that has the most current dashboard that was available at time of release it's an anti piracy measure to force people to keep up to date with dashboard releases and there security measures.

Also does anyone know roughly how big the media update is?

If worse comes to worse they both had 4GB of internet with their phone contract I can set up a wifi hotspot with the iphone and connect to it via the 360 and download it that way but it would take forever and I don't want to chew through all that data.

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