Updating old brick fireplace

I am flipping a house and did not want to put a new fire box in the brick panels were cracked I needed them quick for a closing within a week so I called them to see if I could get them quicker....guy called me back said I could have them Monday or Tuesday at the latest. This store is very good with sending emails regarding information to let you know everything about their shipping, being prepared for delivery and how the panels are to be treated. Like all masonry projects, there is a good deal of dust when you cut.

Very nice to have great customer service on the phone. We have a Marco fireplace, which is no longer in business, so finding firebrick panels we thought would be impossible. You get two panels, which we needed two, so one we used on the back (and have enough left to do a side if ever needed) and it pretty much took a full panel to do the bottom. We use our fireplace daily during the Winter months. I recommend the panels and this store to anyone looking to save some money and get a quality product. The rear refractory panel in my zero-clearance fireplace sustained normal wear and tear damage due to years of fireplace use.

No fire has been set in the fireplace as of yet but there are instructions for curing the panels and that needs to be done to insure good service from the panels. Got the panels within one week from ordering, measured, cut and replaced with a help from a friend, and got brand new looking fireplace.

Hargrow pannels seem much more durable and substantial then the original pannels I had in the fireplace.

Install is quite simple with even rudimentary skills. The shipping was extremely fast, I ordered on a Monday an it was delivered on Wednesday the same week.

Be sure to follow the break in advice they have listed here for these panels. The price is so much better than having it repaired or replaced. I pulled out the broken panels piece them together and used them as a cutting template. I needed to replace the bottom and rear firebrick liner or refractory on my old Temco Woodburning Fireplace.

That seemed a bit long, but I suppose they make the panels once they're ordered. Be careful once they arrive because these panels are fragile. Take the damaged panels out of your fireplace and use them as your cutting template. He used a "diamond blade" on his saw to cut the panels. New panels must first cure and expand to the heat gently before they're completely ready for a fire. I used one of those match-lit logs you can buy at any Walmart.

The panels arrived in an 18 wheeler truck, so plan to have an 18 wheeler in your driveway, or if that won't work as it didn't for me (I live very rural and up a long narrow driveway), be prepared to have the driver meet you somewhere, and bring your pickup truck. They don't produce extensive heat, they burn for about three hours, and they're easy to monitor. I'd also be careful not to over burn the first time.

In fact these panels seem much stronger than the old. I order these panels for a fireplace that is no longer made. Did the complete removal and install in 2 hours max. Just be sure to do your cutting outside away from the house.

I rate e Fireplace and these panels with an "A" and would not hesitate to recommend this product to a friend. I had 2 bad panels so I opted for the set of 2 24 x 40 panels.

To my surprise they were shipped by truck and not Fed Ex or UPS.

All in all, by going the self installing route I have saved 1K, and as a bonus, I had enough of the pannel material to refurbish the base.

Our order arrived very quickly and the way they packaged the 2 panels there was little risk of shipping damage.

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