Updating cakephp

The important bits are, $form-array(‘Publish’,’Front Page’,’Featured’,’Delete’))) which creates the selectbox of actions.

To make use of this data, a new function is needed in the controller. The first thing your new function needs to do is create an array of ids that were checked, because cakephp will add a hidden field for every check box (see the cook book for details) we need every id that has a value of “1”. To make use of this array I use a switch statement to cycle through each of the actions and use either update All or delete All.

The code is pretty straight forward in each case, if you are not sure refer to the cook book or if you get really stuck add a comment below.

auto Render = false; which will prevent the normal cakephp action of looking for a view file.

When you perform a query using the method, recursion is set to 0 by default.It's even more of a confusing gotcha because in debug mode things work smoothly (like Walker said already).It seems that whenever I mention Cake PHP to the developer community, those who have not used it think of it as a slow framework.The second type is geared towards users who have their own dedicated or virtual server that they can add and remove software as required.Do not fear though, if you can only follow the first set you will not be disappointed.

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