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Learn More This is your one-stop resource for the newest and most innovative products from KEMET.The expanded product selection includes supercapacitors, inductors, sensors, EMI cores, relays, AC line filters and flex suppressors, as well as KEMET’s capacitor line-up. A 125 ml bottle for £23 on various online sites is great value and I see this getting a lot of use. The grey hair on the top of my head became brown full and bouncy. I understand the comparisons to Luna Rossa, but this is so much more interesting and less generic imho. I like it more each time I use it and the opening seems to be getting much shorter lived as I get used to it. Uo Mo will make you smell like a successful business man and the main note, musk is not overpowering and is blended well with the fragrance overall. Checking the mirror I noticed a full trimmed brown beard. My absolute favorite thing about this fragrance is that I don't think many people would think this is a fragrance, but rather that the scent is eminating from your skin..cool stuff. Very nice men's fragrance for spring and summer if you like to rotate your fragrances by season like I do. It's citrus, soapy, clean and musky enough to no way be unisex. I sprayed once more and a curly moustache appeared below my now hairy nostrils. This definitely could have been the Eau fraiche of Le Male. This is a fragrance I needed a little bit of time with, but became a favorite of mine after just a few wearings.A San Salvo, sono numerosissimi gli annunci di giovani ragazze o donne mature alla ricerca di dolci momenti di passione e di tenerezza, basta solo visualizzare le inserzioni, rispondere agli annunci e fissare un appuntamento indimenticabile con la ragazza, da sogno, preferita.Per la donna che cerca uomo a San Salvo non sarà più necessario ricorrere ad espedienti complessi ed articolati per far conoscere le proprie voglie ma le basterà pubblicare l'annuncio di un incontro ed attendere di essere presto ricontattata ed amata come merita.

(I mean it still is to some but seemed more prominent then.) I actually take back what I said about performance, it's not bad at all, easily lasting 8 hours.

There is something familiar about this fragrance that I can't quite nail-down. It's a unique fragrance that captivates--very lite and rather enjoyable.

Just revisiting this one because I actually bought a bottle cheap the otherday.

The drydown is very soapy and creamy however, like a really clean, quality brown soap if that makes sense.

Getting a nice discount doesn't mean it still worth it. Soap and citrus notes amalgamate very nicely to a gentlemen-like scent. This has to be one of the freshest and cleanest fragrances I ever smelled. When I smell this it reminds me of being at the seaside, walking by the sea late at night. I've had and worn this a few times now to try to truly 'get it' as the drydown is quite different from the loud kumquat opening which does have a citronella/bug spray feel to it.

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