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DATING A relative dating technique in which artifacts or features are organized into a sequence according to changes over time in their attributes or frequency of appearance.The technique shows how these items have changed over time and it is a way to establish chronology.Satan tempted Jesus to put God to the test as well, by throwing Himself off of a tower and allowing God to catch him.Jesus, unlike his ancestors in the desert, refused to do this.TYPOLOGY DATING In archaeology a typology is the result of the classification of things according to their physical characteristics. Artefacts often have a distinctive style or design, which developed over a period of time.In archaeology, the gradual changes in motifs were exploited systematically as a dating method by researchers from Montelius onwards.In May 2012, the journal combines dendrochronology with radiocarbon dating and is designed to identify specific years based on spikes in the carbon14 found in specific growth rings, caused by energy discharges during solar storms.Dee and Pope have called this new science astrochronology and anticipate that its application will tie down the so-called ‘floating chronologies’ of ancient Egypt and elsewhere.

The order produced is theoretically chronological, but will need archaeological assessment.For my high school subject, ancient history, we have to learn both typology and seriation dating. "Another early example is the typology published in 1899 by Flinders Petrie for the objects (mainly pottery) found in 900 prehistoric Egyptian graves.However I cannot tell the difference between the two as they both are organising finds in chronological order based on their features. This typology formed the basis for his manual seriation of the graves." Most archaeological typologies organize artifacts into types, but typologies of larger structures, including buildings, field monuments, fortifications or roads, are equally possible.These enhancements together with new exciting dating methods that can be expected to emerge, will undoubtedly have a profound influence on our understanding of prehistory.Consider how improvements in DNA analysis have enabled the solving of crimes years after cases had gone ‘cold’.

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