Tips on dating a player

Make sure you’re using a clear photo of yourself and not some animated character or random picture of nature.If you have some inside joke as your “middle name”, change it so it doesn’t look strange.When you’ve messaged her, does try to respond in a timely manner?Is there back-and-forth conversation or do you tend to get one-word answers like “Yeah” and “OK”?Has she expressed any interest in you or does it seem like she’s simply putting up with you? If you’ve had a great time talking with this girl and feel like she’d be receptive to meeting up, give it a try.But if she doesn’t seem interested when you’re making pleasant conversation, she likely isn’t interested in a date.Take a look at her recent photos to see what she’s done lately.

Some people add their favorite quotes, media, or random details about themselves in the Details about X sidebar, but this isn’t too common.

Make sure your place of work is accurate so she can identify you.

Since you’re now friends on Facebook, take a few minutes to review her profile and see what she’s interested in.

Using this, you can try talking more often throughout the day instead of using only Facebook.

Should you sense an interest, you can try asking her out via a phone call instead of Facebook, which should have better results.

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