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If you have taught them about a proper relationship, then you should trust them to make their own decisions.

All these thoughts lead to lots of erections, when the penis fills with blood and becomes hard.

Legano says male hormones are the reason for a number of other changes.

Maybe you’ve noticed some of these developments in the boys you know: Guys and girls have different timelines when it comes to puberty. They may not have a major growth spurt until age 15 or 16, and they sometimes keep growing into their early 20s.

And, it can be tough for guys at this age to control them.

It takes some time for guys (and girls) to sort out all the thoughts and feelings they’re having about sex and to figure out who they are, but it’s a normal part of growing up. The guy who may have a hard time talking with you may not be confident or he may not be an awesome communicator -- yet.

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