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He showed Andre a copy of "tomorrow's" newspaper reporting on Roman's grand death.In addition if the plan did not work, his backup plan was to set off a bomb at the concert hall which could only be defused using the Baka.

He took on the role of patriarch and protector of his family as well as the new Phoenix after inheriting his father's ring.As Tony he married his adoptive sister Kristen Di Mera, though the marriage was invalid.In 2017, he married once again with Kate Roberts in order to protect the Di Mera Empire from falling.In 1983, Stefano brought his nephew, André Di Mera to Salem.As Stefano and his "son" Tony had very different opinions on how the Di Mera Empire should be run, Stefano wanted a "soldier" and enlisted ruthless Andre's help by having him undergo plastic surgery to look exactly like his cousin Tony, while they imprisoned the real Tony Di Mera, chained him up in his own penthouse apartment and took over his cousins identity.

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