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For example, in the few months that she dated Tom Hiddleston, they traveled everywhere from Rome to Nashville to Australia!

DO Know All the Perfect Places to Hide: Other than traveling, Tay Tay needs a man who knows where to dodge the paparazzi.

But sticking close to the script, their relationship fizzled after a few months and she roasted the actor in several songs.

Zac Efron and Swift reportedly became a pair in 2012. Still the break between her rumored split from Reedman and summer romance with Conor Kennedy left enough room for a brief fling to have possibly occurred between them.

Case in point: She and Alwyn have been flying under the radar for months in the U. DON'T Make Plans on the Fourth of July: You know she throws a massive party DO Accept Her Invitation to Go Antique Shopping: She's a big fan of collectibles.

DON'T Think Your Indie Record Is Cooler Than Hers: Because she straight up tells you so in "Never Ever Getting Back Together" ( Jake Gyllenhaal).

While you shouldn't entertain the media, you definitely can't crumble when all eyes are on you. So while we may not know everything about Swift and Alwyn, we're hoping he meets the criteria necessary to continue dating the super star.

We imagine that one of the benefits of being a massively successful pop star is that instead of having to agree to go on an awkward date with Ted from Accounting, you have a whole buffet of Hollywood's hottest bachelors at your disposal.

In case you’re wondering exactly who we’re talking about, here’s a definitive timeline of all the men who've been rumored to have filled a blank space in the singer's love life.

And their quick split after a few months of dating was a hot topic during the winter of 2013.

The song Taylor nearly broke the Internet when she linked up with DJ stud Calvin Harris.

Oh, nothing but a romantic connection (alleged or otherwise) to the one and only Taylor Swift.

Despite her reputation for keeping hush on the details surrounding her infamous string of lovers, Swift's been more or less transparent about her relationships over the years.

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