Syslog is not updating

In Linux this is logrotate Believe it or not, but syslog was create as "afterthought".

It was initially created for sendmail and became part of Unix only later.

A better message classification scheme was proposed in 2004 syslog-1 but Logs of a modern Unix system typically contain much "noise" -- messages which have no importance.

# ps aux | grep syslogroot 2524 0.0 0.0 105372 1320 ?It just does not make sense to use default syslog configuration file in any environment as a lot of messages in it are junk. That's number one rule for any system administrator who respects his time.It is important to remember that for any severity level specified, messages are selected for this is more severe error types.Syslog daemon was created as "afterthought" and is actually a result of Sendmail development, not Unix kernel development.Initial implementation was way too primitive and inflexible.

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Since our monitoring script notified us that one of our domains wasn’t responding for a few minutes last time, I checked all files in /var/log on the server hosting this domain.

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