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The belief had gradually developed that the Lesser Panje belonged to the souls of children and those who died without sin, whereas the Greater Panje was for all souls.

Custom once in vogue in Tehran was to seek the intercession of the so-called Pearl Cannon (Tup-e-Morvarid) on Charshanbe Suri.

The festival also coincided with festivals celebrating the creation of fire and humans.

In fact, if you believe one report, the star is already "three months along" in a pregnancy, which is why the pair decided to quit hiding their romance. Katie's always wanted a sibling for Suri and now she'll have a little sister," the source added, noting that it's a girl. She appreciates that and sees what he can bring to Suri [Cruise, her 11-year-old daughter with Tom] as a father figure.This heavy gun, which was cast by the Persian foundryman Ismāil Isfahāni in 1800, during the reign of Fath Ali Shah of the Qajar dynasty, became the focus of many popular myths.Until the 1920s, it stood in Arg Square (), to which the people of Tehran used to flock on the eve of Charshanbe Suri; spinsters and childless or unhappy wives climbed up and sat on the barrel or crawled under it, and mothers even made ill-behaved and troublesome children pass under it in the belief that doing so would cure their naughtiness.The festival has also a custom similar to Trick-or-treating, in which people wear disguises and go door-to-door to tapping by spoons against plates or bowls and receive packaged snacks.The custom is called Qashoq zani (), the last five days of the year in honor of the spirits of the dead, which is today referred to as Farvardigan.

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