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Women (38 percent) were more likely than men (21 percent) to date a higher-ranking colleague. According to the survey, social settings outside of the office were the most common, followed by running into each other outside of work, attending happy hours, spending late nights at the office, and going to lunch.Love has always had its consequences, and there are more than you might realize when it strikes in an office setting. Pretending that you don’t know what’s going on is a decision you’re likely to regret if things go badly between the co-workers.Do a Reality Check “It’s not that two people who meet in an office and fall in love should be prohibited from having a relationship.

Sex is generally considered a private topic, and romance has its own potential for drama, Scher says.What’s more likely is that if the relationship goes south, one partner may leave the company.This may have financial costs if that person was a good performer.” Quite frankly, she asserts, “It may be misguided to try and enforce a ‘no dating’ policy, as these can be seen as intrusive to many employees, depending on the organizational and industry culture.” There are some upsides to office romances, too.He offers a few tips for having a private, productive talk.(If the couple has made their relationship public then you can talk to them about the issue together as a couple, if the couple is obviously interested in each other, but has not made their relationship public, talk to them separately.) “Start the conversation by sharing your good intentions.

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The last thing you want to do is make the office lovebirds feel like you are attacking or blaming them.

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