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The number of labor inspectors is insufficient for the size of Sri Lanka’s workforce, which includes over 9 million workers.

According to the ILO’s recommendation of 1 inspector for every 20,000 workers in transitioning economies, Sri Lanka should employ roughly 453 inspectors.(28-30) In 2016, for the first time, the Department of Labor targeted establishments with a high risk of hazardous child labor by conducting 380 inspections at 450 establishments.(12) In 2016, criminal law enforcement agencies in Sri Lanka took actions to combat the worst forms of child labor (Table 7). Criminal Law Enforcement Efforts Related to the Worst Forms of Child Labor The Children and Women’s Bureau of the Sri Lankan Police (CWBSLP) is staffed by 45 officers in 36 of the country’s 460 police stations. 81 calls for a “sufficient number” of inspectors to do the work required.

For more information, please see the "Children's Work and Education Statistics: Sources and Definitions" section of this report. For more iniformation on sources used, the definition of working children and other indicators used in this report, please see the "Children's Work and Education Statistics: Sources and Definitions" in the Reference Materials section of this report.

Repeated incursions by South Indians, particularly the Cholas, into Sri Lankan territory occurred throughout the next few centuries and led to the engagement of the rival forces in battle.

For the first time, the Department of Labor targeted for inspection establishments with a high risk of hazardous child labor.

The Government also collected data for the Child Activity Survey during the reporting period.

However, a gap exists in Sri Lanka’s legal framework to adequately protect children from child labor. Laws and Regulations on Child Labor *No conscription (19) In 2016, Sri Lanka raised the compulsory age of education from 14 to 16 years.(17, 18) There are no laws regulating employment in third-party households, leaving children ages 14 to 18 who are employed as domestic workers vulnerable to exploitation.(7) The Government has established institutional mechanisms for the enforcement of laws and regulations on child labor, including its worst forms (Table 5).

However, gaps in labor law and criminal law enforcement remain and some enforcement information is not available. Agencies Responsible for Child Labor Law Enforcement Enforce child labor laws and receive public complaints of child labor filed in national and district-level offices.

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