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Come test your skills against the toughest ladies of copenhagen!

🙂 Last thursday of the month, its time to find the best team in table fussball. 25th of February, its time to find your best costume and aim for Vela! We open the doors at 1 am, and promise nice decorations, festive drinks and awesome music and company. Vela is the place where you can drink a beer (okay, sixteen.. and maybe twenty shots…), dance at the bar, loose your ability to coordinate, and still play fussball, swap clothing, kiss in the corners, spill your beer, and don’t leave before you get kicked out early morning.

An incubator is a place where ideas are generated and brought to life with the help of external expertise.

You can find around twenty of these hubs around Copenhagen.

Har du en normal og stabil menstruationscyklus, der varer ca dage, så har du mulighed for at måle, hvornår du har størst sandsynlighed for at blive gravid. Falder dating dig svært, så sku' du nok ha' vær't .. Størst risiko har ægløsning og derved heller ikke vide, hvornår din ”sikre periode” ligger.

Ja, når jeg be'r om tavshed, bliver selv den største gøgler stum, og ingen har haft Til hvert et møde sidder han parat med blyant og papir .. Når der er ægløsning, er der størst mulighed for at blive gravid.

Many professional and social events are arranged by the different startups located in the area, and the numerous Friday bars are the obvious occasions to meet with other entrepreneurs, get introduced to specialists within online marketing, programming, management, business development and many other fields.

Another option is to start your search on sites like Crunch Base, the leading global platform for discovering startups and innovative companies.

Finding startups doesn’t have to be like finding a needle in a haystack, if you know where to look.If you are one of those graduates and you have your eyes set on Copenhagen keep on reading to find out where you can find and meet the Copenhagen startups.Read also: A guide to startup jobs and internships Finding startups can be tricky and you often have to look beyond the traditional job searching channels.In Copenhagen you can find 483 (as of October 2015) registered companies.The startup environment is informal and open, so showing genuine interest through a phone call or email is OK, but asking for a personal visit would be best since the decisive factor for getting you onboard in many cases will be a mix of your personality and how you fit into the team.

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