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Chicago C mount Telephoto (No33)4-6" Zoom to fit Sawyer Projectors (slight haze inside) works fine40" RPS White Studio Umbrella (new) (No 5)40.5mm Nikkor Cap for Nikkor Enlarging Lenses (No 13)40.5mm Polarizer to fit Zeiss Contax4000 AF Flash for Maxxum 7000/9000 (No 8)4000 AF Flash for Maxxum 7000/9000 (No 9)400mm f3.5 AIS ED Nikkor with cap and case400mm f4.0 Sport Fern Kilar for Mamiya M645 Cameras400mm f6.3 Spiratone T Mount Lens (fits any camera)400mm f6.3 Tele-Lentar Preset Lens (T mounts)41mm Cap for Leica Summicron (No 73)41mm Cap for Leica Summicron (No 74)41mm Cap Large Diameter for Bessmatic Lenses41mm Screw in Voigtlander Closeup Lens for Bessematic41mm Slip-on Voigtlander 1 Closeup Filter41mm Slipon Zeiss Jena 2 Closeup "Distar2"42" 8 Section Compact Tripod42-75mm f3.5-4.5 Yashica Brand Zoom Lens42.5mm Green 2 Slip-on Zeiss Ikon Filter42mm Contax Slip on filter for IIa/IIIa42mm Orange Slip on Contax IIa/IIIa filter42mm slip on Contax IIa/IIIa Filter42mm slip-on Light Green Filter for Contax IIa/IIIa (sl. 1980Ambico Auto/Manual Flash for Nikon EM FE or FM (No 43)Ambico Bag (No 82)Ansco Cadet (126 film) (149I)Ansco Cadet (127 film) (27I)Ansco Cadet III w/ flash (127 film) (136I)Ansco Color Clipper (120 film) (145S)Ansco Flash with PC cord for Press Bulbs (No 2)Ansco Pioneer (616 film) (47S)Ansco Pioneer (620 film) (56S)Ansco Readyflash (620 film) (No 6)Ansco Readyflash (620 film) (83I)Ansco Ready Flash Camera (620 film) (137I)Ansco Rediflex TLR (620 film) (22T)Ansco Rediflex TLR (620 film) (26T)Ansco Rediflex TLR (620 film) (60T)Ansco Vagabond (127 film) (79I)Anscoflex II TLR with flash (620 film) (52T)Antique and Classic Still Cameras 7th Ed 1990-1991AO Stereo Hand Glass Ape Compact Camera Bag (No 29)Apple Quick Take 100 Digital Camera Magic Lantern Guide Argus 35mm Metal Bound Slide Mounts (about 30 total) (No 11)Argus bulb flash (probably for Argus 75 cameras) (No 58)Argus Bulb Flash for M Base Flashbulbs (No 78)Argus C3 Bulb Flash (No 68)Argus Fan Flash for M base bulbs (no capacitor) (No 47)Argus Fan Flash for Press base bulbs (No 48)Argus Flash for Press Bulbs (No 12)Argus Metal Slide Trays (3) with metal slide frames Argus Remote Control Cord Argus Seventy Five TLR (620 film) (23T)Argus Super Seventy-Five TLR (620 film) (90T)Asahi Pentax Brand Screw Mount Bellows Unit Asahi Pentax Macro Focusing Stage Asco 127 Ready Flash w/ flash (127 film) (49I)Aster Fan Flash Gun Auto 118X Flash for Minolta XG (will work for X series) (No 9)Auto 118X Flash for Minolta XG (will work with X series) (No 8)Auto 132X Flash for Minolta XG (will work for X series) (No 16)Auto 200X Flash for Minolta XG (will fit X Series) (No 12)Auto 200X Flash for Minolta XG (will fit X Series) (No 20)Auto 200X Flash for Minolta XG (will work with X series) (No 11)Auto 220X Flash for Minolta XG (will work with X Series) (No 13)Auto 25 Flash for Minolta SRT (No5)Auto 25 Minolta Flash (for SRT cameras) (No 19)Auto 30FX Flash for Minolta XG (will work on X series) (No 6)Auto 310 Olympus Flash (for Shoe 2)Auto 310 Olympus Remote Sensor Auto 32 Flash for Minolta SRT (No 7)Auto Flash 220X for Minolta X Series Cameras (new) (No 21)Auto Focus 70-210mm f3.5-4.5 Zoom Lens for OM 77 Cameras etc.marks)42mm Yellow Slip on filter for Contax IIa/IIIa42mm Zeiss Contax Green Filter42mm Zeiss Slip On Filter43-86mm f3.5 Zoom Nikkor Non-AI Lens43mm Sky Filter PRO brand made in Japan440PZ Vivitar Series I Camera45 Degree 4X right-way-round Magnifier PEGOO for Visoflex I45mm f2 Minolta MD Rokkor-X Pancake Lens for Minolta (No15)45mm f2 Minolta MD Rokkor-X Pancake Lens for Minolta (No9)45mm f2.0 MD Rokkor-X for Minolta (No 28)45mm f2.0 MD Rokkor-X for Minolta (No 32)45mm f2.0 MD Rokkor-X Pancake Lens for Minolta (No16)45mm f2.8 Mamiya Sekor C for Mamiya 64545mm f2.8 Mamiya Sekor C for Mamiya 64545mm f2.8 Pantar Lens for Contaflex Alpha45mm f2.8 Schneider "S" for Retina Reflex S III and IV models45mm f2.8 Xenar "S" Type Lens for Retina Reflex Cameras46mm Cap (Miranda) for Miranda Lenses (no17)46mm Cap (Soligar) for MIranda Lenses46mm Metal Cap for Miranda (No25)46mm Miranda Cap (no22)46mm Thread Kenlock Video Telephoto 2X (new)46mm to Series 6 Filter Adapter Ring for Miranda46mm to Series 7 Filter Adapter Ring for Miranda48mm Canon Reversing Ring (early SLR lenses)48mm Leitz Wetzlar Germany Blue Filter (No 102)48mm Reversing Ring for Canon FL lenses (No 2)48mm UV filter or Skylight filter49mm (Vemar Brand) Reverse Adapter for Pentax Screw Mount49mm Exakta Reversing Ring for Macro (No11)49mm K Mount Macro Asahi Pentax Brand Reversing Ring (works on digital)49mm Marumi Circular Polarizer (New)49mm Maxxum 7000/9000 Reversing Ring for Macro49mm Minolta Brand Reverse Adapter (No 49)49mm mount Kenko Technical Filter Holder for 3"x3" Gel filters49mm Olympus Brand ultra thin Skylight Filter49mm Olympus Pen Camera Cap, rare49mm or 55mm Optech Cap (new)49mm Reverse Adapter Ring for Minolta (new) (No 50)49mm Reversing Ring for Pentax K Mount49mm Reversing Ring Vemar Brand for Pentax Screw Mount (No10)49mm Right Angle 90 Degree Mirror Attachment49mm Skylight filter or UV filter4GB Dane-Elec SD card (New)4GB Gigaware SDHC Card (used)4x5 Crown Graphic Body with Top RF and 135mm lens cam (lens available)4x5 Crown Graphic with 90mm f6.8 Wide Angle Raptar4x5 Folmer Graflex Hood for Graflex Camera or Early Press (No8)4x5 Folmer Graflex Hood for Graflex or Early Press Cameras (No 6)4x5 Folmer GRAFLEX hood to Fit Graflex Backs (no7)4x5 Graflex Back for GRAFLEX 4x5 Holders (No 59)4x5 Graphic Camera Case4x5 Graphic Carrying Case (steamer trunk style)4x5 Holder4x5 Sleeve (10)4x5 Speed Graphic with or without 254mm f4.5 Ilex Paragon Barrel Lens4x5 Wollensak Telephoto f5.6 - f3.24x6 Classic Rosewood Glassed Burnes Frame5 AG-1 Flashbulbs (5 total bulbs) (No 12) OUT OF STOCK5 Gallon Chemical Container with floating interior lid5 Press 40 Sylvania Clear Flashbulbs with screw in household base (No 1)5 x 7 Primary White Glassed Burnes Frame5" f3.5 Golde MFG CO Projector Lens5" f4.5 - f32 Butchep Anastigmat (No 6)5.5cm f8 Tessar Carl Zeiss Jena c. Auto Tele Converter no brand for Pentax SM (No15)Auto Teleplus 2X Doubler with case for Nikon Non-AIAuto Winder F for Konica FS-1 (No1)Auto Winder F for Konica FS-1 (No2)Autoknips II Cable Release Timer Auxiliary Lenses (these screw on to the front of other Lenses)AW-1 Winder for Nikon ELW or EL2 Cameras (5010xx)AW-90 Winder for the Maxxum 9000 Camera (No3)B&W Bank Surveillance Video Camera (NAVCO)B&H "Angenieux" Front Cap (No 4)B&H 16mm Super D Proval 2" f1.4 Projector Lens (No 1)B&H 16mm Turret Cap (C mount) (No 5)B&H 16mm Turret Cap (C mount) (No 6)B&H 70HR 16mm Camera with 400 foot Magazine & Electic Motor B&H Back Wind Crank for 70DL or 70DR 16mm Cameras (No 3)B&H Back Wind Crank for 70DL or 70DR 16mm Cameras (No 64)B&H Camera Oil with a Camera Cleaning Brush (No 2)B&H COMAR focusing Auxiliary Lens (43mm thread) (No 15)B&H Filmo Camera Oil (No 69)B&H Filmovara Zoom 16mm Projector Auxillary Lens (No 2)B&H Kodak Chrome A filter built into a small movie hood (No 73)B&H Movie Lens Case (No 1)B&H Remote On/Off Projector Power Cord B&H Slide Cube Projector (No 2)B&H Slide Cube Projector (No 3)B&J Focusing Reduction Spring Back for 2x3 Format (No 23)B&L Compund Shutter on 2x3 Speed Graphic Board B50 Closeup for Zeiss Icarex Cameras B50 Red Filter for Zeiss Icarex Cameras Baby Brownie Special (127 film) (120I)Baby Brownie Special (127 film) (53I)Baby Brownie Special (127 film) (68I)Baby Brownie Special (127 Film) (96I)Baby Brownie Special (127 film) (No 131I)Baby Brownie Special (127 film) (No 14)Baby Brownie Special (127 film) (No 15)Baby Brownie Special (127 film) (No 156I)Back Wind Crank (Fits ? ) (No 6)Bakelite Slide Viewer Bakelite Storage Case for 5cm Elmar or Summitar (No 117)Baldamatic II 35mm Manual Camera (user classic camera)Baldwin-Flex TLR (127 film) (No32)Barcode Reader E for ELAN & Canon Book with sample barcodes Barrel 10mm Switar 1:1,6 f10 H16 RX with Scale (No 66)Barrel Lenses Potluck (cheap project optics)Battery Cap for GRAFLEX 3 Cell Flashes (No 37)Battery Charger for Sony W Series/ T20/ T100/ N2/ N1/ N7/ H7/ H9Battery Holder for Pentax 110 (No 44)Bausch & Lomb 2 1/4 Slide Trays (2) for Balomatic 775 Projector Bausch & Lomb Telescope Tripod Adapter (No 10)Bausch and Lomb 10X eyepiece (No 14)Bausch and Lomb f10.0 Anastigmat Barrel Lens (No 12)Bausch and Lomb Slide Trays (4) for 35mm B&L Projectors Bay 3 light yellow for Rollei f2.8 TLRBay 3 Medium Green for Rollei f2.8 TLRBay 3 Medium Red for Rollei f2.8 TLRBay 50 filter cap 1000F/1600FBay 50 Green filter Hasselblad Brand for 1000F (spots on glass)Bay 50 Hoya Skylight Filter Bay 50 Red filter Hasselblad brand for Hasselblad 1000FBay 50 Sky filter Hoya brand for Hasselblad 1000FBay 50 Star filter Prinz brand for Hasselblad 1000FBay 50 Yellow filter Hoya brand for Hasselblad 1000FBay 57 Hasselblad Closeup Bay 57 Rubber Hood to fit Hasselblad Bay 57 to Series 7 Adapter Ring with drop in Polarizer Bay 57 to Series 7 Filter ring Bay 60 Hoya Adapter Ring Bay I filter adapter ring for thin series V Filter Case for 4 Rollei Filters Bay I Rollei Brand Light Blue Filter with case and box Bay I Rollei Brand Light Green Filter with case Bay I Rollei Brand Soft Filter with a Rollei type box Bay I Rollei Chrome Cap Bay I Rubber Hood for Yashica TLR Cameras Bay I Series V filter adapter ring Bay I Strap Filter Case Pebble Grain Leather Bay I Yellow filter ECHT Brand Bay II Hoya Brand UV filter for Rollei TLR Cameras Bay II Hoya Sky for Rollei TLR cameras with f3.5 Lenses Bay II Izumar Brand Polarizing Filter for Rollei TLR Cameras Bay II Leather Rollei Brand filter Case for Rollei Filters Bay II Red 11 Rollei Brand Filter for Rollei TLR Cameras Bay II Red 2 Rollei Brand Filter for TLR Cameras Bay II Red 5 Rollei Brand Filter for Rollei TLR Cameras Bay II Rollei Brand Blue 11 Filter for Rollei TLR Cameras Bay II Rollei Brand Blue 2 Filter for Rollei TLR Cameras Bay II Rollei Brand Blue 5 Filtera for Rollei TLR Camras Bay II Rollei Brand Strap Filter Case for Rollei TLR Cameras Bay II Rollei Brand Yellow Filter for Rollei TLR Cameras (#2)Bay II Rollei Brand Yellow filter for Rollei TLR Cameras (#3)Bay II Series 6 Filter Adapter Ring Bay II Uniphot Brand No 1 Closeup Set for Rollei TLRBay II Uniphot N0.

CE Digtal Camera (1024x768) w/ 7.1mm lens 1 MP (No 5)Celestron 8-24mm 1.25" Zoom Eyepiece for 1 1/4-in Celestron Telescope 93230Changes Household Light Fixtures to 2 Prong Quartz Lamps (No 39)Charmy subminaturecameracase (torn strap)Chinon 35FS (35mm film) (N0 29S)Chinon CG-5 with 35-70mm f3.5-4.6 Chinon Macro Zoom Chinon CXII Manual Camera with 50mm lens (non-metered)Chinon Genesis Enamel Dealer Pin Cine Kodak K100 Camera Viewfinders(All types)Cine Kodak Model E 16mm Spring Driven Camera 1937Cine Special Camera 16mm Outfit Cine Special II Body (for parts)Cine Special II Instructions (original)Cine-Fader (Motorized) for 16mm (No 82)Cine-Kodak Duo Splicer for 8/16mm Cement Type with built in cutter (No 2)Cine-Kodak Duo Splicer for 8/16mm Cement Type with built in cutter (No 3)Cine-Kodak Model K Instructions 53pg.

to Leica Visoflex I or II (No 2)C Extension Tub box for Hasselblad TIMBCC Eye-level Prism Finder HC-1 Box for Hasselblad C Mount Lens Case "Kern-Paillard" (No 3)C Mount Lens Case "Kern-Paillard" (No 4)C Mount Push on rear lens cap (No 19)C Mount Rear Lens Cap (shallow depth) approx 4mm deep (No 16)C Mount to Canon FD Lenses (No 7)C Mount Turret Cap (No 42)C Mount turret Cap (No 43)C Mount turret cap (No 44)C Mount turret cap (No 45)C Mount Turret Cap (No 92)C Mount Turret Cap for Kodak K100 16mm Camera (No 39)C Pistol Grip Box for Hasselblad C26 Rollei flash for an A26 Rollei Camera C44 Coupled Meter Cable for Battery on Beaulieu R16 (new) (No 95)Cable from Bolex Unimotor B to Mag Takeup Motor (new) (No 54)Cable Hook for a sync cable on 500C SWC or 500CMCable Release for early Hasselblad Cable Release Holder (attaches to a tripod handle)Calculator dial for Weston Master IV meters Calculator Tables for TUBEX Extension Tubes (Bolex H) (No 61)Calumet Flash Meter Cambron F-2 Flash Meter Camera Bag (No 87)Camera Body Cap 14103 R Bayonet "E Leitz Wetzlar" (No 85)Camera Bottom for AA use in Nikon N2000 or N2020Camera Bracket Camera Flash Bulb PC Sync for Early Leica Cameras without Sync (No 48)Camera for Minox C Cameras Camera Handle with 1/4 x 20 stud (No 71)Camera Holder for Canon Rangefinder (not the camera)Camera Parts Display (Minolta XE7)Camera Protectors (for 35mm top covers)Cameye (127 film) (112S)CAN for 16mm Film (3 3/4") (No 1)Candex Camera (127 film) (189S)Candid Type Camera Box M&M COCanolite D for G-III QL Canon Rangefinder Cameras (No 1)Canon (FD style) T mount (No 2)Canon (FD style) T mount (new) (No 9)Canon 155A FD Flash (No 5)Canon 155A FD Flash (No 7)Canon 188A Flash for Canon FD (No 1)Canon 20D (no charger) 8.2 MPCanon 300EZ Speedilte for EOS (No 6)Canon 300TL Flash for Canon T90 Cameras (No 16)Canon 420EZ Speedlite for EOS (No 5)Canon 50mm f1.4 New Style (Mint)Canon 60 T3 Remote Switch (T70, T90, EOS 620 650 750)Canon A1 body Canon A1 Camera BOX for Canon FDCanon A1 Instructions (original booklet) 100 pages Canon A1 Systems Booklet (Original)Canon A1 with Generic Power Winder Canon A2 Winder for A1, AE1, AE1P, AT1, AV1 (No 9)Canon AE-1P Camera Canon AE-1P Camera Body (Bad Meter)Canon AL-1 Instruction Booklet, 59pgs (Original)Canon Angle Finder B (fits F1 Cameras and A Series)Canon Angle Finder B for A Series Cameras Canon AT-1 Camera BOX for Canon FDCanon Auto EX Camera (out of stock)Canon Auto EX Instructions, 39 pgs Canon Bellows M with original instructions Canon Binocular Screw on eyepieces Canon Booster for FTB (No 2)Canon BP-508 Nicad Battery for Many Digital Canon Cameras (used)Canon BP-8 for EOS G, GII, X, XS,and XSN (No 11)Canon Camcorder Book. 152pgs 1991Canon Camera Backpack (No 57)Canon Camera Outfit Bag (No 51)Canon Cameras Canon CP220 Dye Sublimation Pic Bridge Printer (plugs directly to your camera)Canon Data Back A (for A series cameras)Canon EOS 10/10S User's Guide Hove Press 176pg 1990Canon EOS 540EZ Flash Canon EOS 630 User's Guide Hove Press 175pg 1989Canon EOS A2 Camera Body Canon EOS Carrying Case Canon EOS EC-GIII Standard Focusing Screen (Like New) boxed Canon EOS ET-54 Hood (New)Canon EOS Flashes (for EOS) (ALL TYPES)Canon EOS Rebel Canon EOS Rebel 10.1 MP (No Charger) (available 8/16/11)Canon EOS Rebel S w/ 28-80mm f3.5-5.6 Lens Canon EOS Ring Lite ML-3Canon EOS-1 User's Guide Hove Press. Canon Extender FD 2X-B (rare)Canon F1 Electronic Camera Canon F1 Mechanical w/ Technical Grid Screen Canon F1 Mechanical Camera Canon F1 Mechanical Flash Coupler DCanon F1 Rubber Eyecup (soft and flexible)Canon F1-N Mechanical Instruction Booklet 60pgs (Original)Canon F1N elec Body "U. ) Case (No 17)Canon Speedlite 199A, 39pgs (Original)Canon Speelite 380EX For EOS Cameras (No 4)Canon Sure Shot 85 Zoom (38-85mm Zoom)Canon Sureshot A1 35mm All Weather Camera Canon Sureshot Ace (35mm lens)Canon Sync Cord A for many older Canon Flashes (new)Canon T80 Camera BOX for Canon FDCanon TX Instruction Booklet, 40pgs (original)Canon Video Lens for Hi8 L1 or L2 Cameras Canon AE Power Winder FN for New F-1 (No1)Canonflex RM Camera (user classic)CAP (approx 39mm/40mm) (No 6)Cap for 200-600 Non-AI Nikkor CAP for 35mm f4 Pro-Tessar Lenses Cap for 50mm f1.4 Nikkor S.

C for a Nikon Rangefinder S2 lens Cap for Bronica ETR 72mm Slip-on Cap for Canon Rangefinder 50mm Serenar (1.8?

1956)2X Doubler matched to 70-150mm f3.8 Vivitar Lens Pentax SM (No 36)2X Doubler Matched to 70-150mm f3.8 Vivitar Auto Zoom for CA FD2x Doubler Minolta MD brand2X Doubler RMC Tokina Brand for Fuji Cameras (bayonet mount)2X Doubler Sankyo Kohki Komura Telemore (No 43)2X Doubler Spiratone Brand for Exakta (No 18)2X Doubler Vivitar Brand for Pentax Screw Mount (No12)2X Doubler Vivitar Brand for Pentax SM (No24)2X Doubler Vivitar Brand with Arm for Exakta (No 19)2X Focal Brand Doubler for Minolta MD (No 42)2X focal Brand Doubler for Minolta MD (No11)2X JC Penny Brand for Minolta MD (No 40)2X JCPenny Doubler for Canon FD (No2)2X JCPenny Doubler for Olympus Cameras2X Kenko NT Teleplus Doubler for non-AI Nikon Cameras2X Kiron Match Mate MC Doubler for Canon FD (No1)2X Kiron MC7 Teleconverter for Konica Cameras2X Kiron Teleconverter for Konica Cameras2X Komura 7 element Doubler for Minolta XD (No 22)2X Komura Brand Canon FD Doubler (No 12)2X Komura for Canon FD 7 element2X Manual Doubler Vemar Brand for Pentax SM (No25)2X Marexar Doubler for Canon FD (No10)2X Matched Doubler for 70-150mm Vivitar Lens2X P&B Vivitar Model 2A-3 Doubler (3 element) for Nikon Non-AI2X Pentax Screw Mount Doubler (No 42)2X Prinz Brand Doubler for Minolta MD (No14)2X Prinz Doubler for Minolta SR (No 47)2X Prinz Doubler for Nikon non-AI2X Promaster Spectrrm 7 Doubler for Minolta MD (No 53)2X Promaster Spectrum 7 Doubler for Minolta MD (No 36)2X Saitex Auto Doubler for Minolta MD (No 15)2X Sakar Brand Doubler for Konica Cameras2X Sear Brand Doubler for Minolta MD (No 35)2X Sensorex Doubler (Vivitar Brand)2X Soligar Doubler for Canon FD (No7)2X Soligar Doubler for Minolta (Uncoupled) (No7)2X Soligar Doubler for Minolta MD late production (No 53)2X Soligar Doubler for Miranda EC Cameras2X Soligar Doubler for Olympus Cameras2X SP AF Tele-Converter(7E) for Nikon AF2X SP Tamron Doubler (Adaptall 2)2X Tamron F Doubler for Olympus Cameras2X Tamron MC Doubler for Canon FD (No3)2X Tamron Pentax A Series Doubler2X Teleplus Doubler for Nikon Non-AI Cameras2X Tokina Doubler for Canon FD (No5)2X Tokina EL Doubler for Olympus Cameras2X Tundra Telephoto Lens for 36mm 37mm 27mm (new) (No 13)2X Vemar Exakta Doubler with side arm (No 33)2X Vivitar (three element) Doubler for Nikon Non-AI2X Vivitar 4 Element Double for Canon FD (No 14)2X Vivitar 4 Element Doubler with Arm for Miranda (no6)2X Vivitar Automatic Doubler for Pentax Screw Mount (No11)2X Vivitar Brand Doubler for Minolta MC (No13)2X Vivitar Brand Doubler for Minolta MC (No18)2X Vivitar Brand Doubler for Minolta MD (No 17)2X Vivitar Brand Doubler for Minolta MD (No12)2X Vivitar Doubler for Canon FD (No8)2X Vivitar Doubler for Canon FD (No9)2X Vivitar Doubler for Minolta (No 54)2X Vivitar Doubler for Minolta MC (No 43)2X Vivitar Doubler for Minolta MC (No4)2X Vivitar Doubler for Olympus2X Vivitar Doubler Minolta MD (No 55)2X Vivitar MC 70-150 Matched Multiplier (fits any CA FD lens fine)2x Vivitar MC 70-150mm Matched Doubler for Olympus Cameras2X Vivitar MC Brand Doubler for Pentax K Mount Cameras2X Vivitar RL Edition Doubler for Minolta MD (no2)2x3 / 4x5 / 8x10 & Misc.

Accessories2x3 Anniversary Speed Graphic Case2x3 Grafmatic Film Holder2x3 Metal Focusing Panel ?

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1902 (No 1)6 GE Blub 6B Press base style flashbulbs (No 57)6 Hour Maxell Standard Grade VHS Tape6 Hour TDK Premium Quality VHS Tape6 MISC Press Flash Bulbs (No 47)6 Volt Li-ion Rechargable Battery for Many Machines (Samsung Digimax) (new)6" B&H Finder for 70 Series Cameras (No 2)6.5mm B&H style finder (made in Japan) for 70 Series Cameras (No 18)6.5mm Glass Finder Mask for Bolex B8 or C8 Cameras (No 3)60" Photoflex Umbrella (No 1)60" Photoflex Umbrella (No 2)60-135mm f3.5 Vemar Auto Zoom60-300mm f3.8-5.4 Macro Tamron SP lens60-300mm f4-5.6 Tokina SZ-X for Pentax A Series K Mount60mm f5.6 Distagon C60mm Kodak Brand Filter for Retina Reflex Cameras620 Film Spool625 Wein Cell 1.35 Volts (replaces PX625)62mm Cap for Bronica ETR New62mm Cap for Bronica ETR used62mm folding Rubber hood for the Rollei SL66 Camera62mm Kalt rubber Folding Hood (new)62mm Lens Shade for Konica (Konica Brand)62mm Marumi Skylight Filter (new)62mm Optech swing out cap (new)62mm Rollei (35mm?? Leitz NY"AA's Maxcell Batteries Package of 40Abbey 3 Cell Flash Gun with built in mounting plate (No 34)Abstract Colored Fused Glass Dish (No 23)AC Adapter for Finecam L Series L3V and L4V (new)AC Adapter for Nikon Cool Pix 100 300 600 700 750 800 900 950 990AC Power Supply T12 for the Bolex Electric Motor used on H cameras Accessories Pamphlet for Voigtlander Vitessa (Xerox Copy)Accessory Battery Pack for Winder 1 & 2 and ringlight T-10Accessory Hood for 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 Graphic (No 2)Accura Fan Flash for AG-1 Bulbs (No 55)Accura Slide Duplicator (No 6)Accura Wide Angle Auxillary Lens for Argus C3 (No11)Achiever 630AF Flash for Canon EOS film Camera ('new') (No 10)Achiever Manual Flash with 1 Automatic Setting (No 7)Achiever TZ 250 Flash for Canon FD cameras (No 14)Adapt-a Roll 620 for 2 1/4x3 1/4 pictures with 4x5 Cameras (No3)Adaptal 2 Canon FD Mount (No 29)Adaptall Mount for 28mm f2.8 or 35mm f2.8 Tarmon Adaptall (No 5A)Adapter Ring 40.5mm to Series 6 Filters Adapter Ring for Early Contaflex Cameras Adapter Ring for Mounting Contax IIa/IIIa Lenses on Enlargers Additional Socket for Bogen Super Clamp Adjustable Flash Bracket CTOOM/15545 1953-1964 (No 14)Adjustable Light Diaphragm AE-1 Canon Instructions, 77 pgs AE-1 Instructions Part 2 (More in depth on how to use), 41 pgs AE-1 Instructions Part I (quick start instructions), 20 pgs AE-1 Program Canon Instructions, 86pgs AE-1 Program Instructions, 87 pgs (xerox copy)AF-330FTZ Flash for Pentax PZ10/PZ20 (No 7)AF-500FTZ Flash for Pentax PZ20 Cameras (will work with 645N) (No 9)AF100P Flash for Pentax 110 (No 38)AF100P Pentax 110 Flash (No 39)AF130P Flash for Pentax 110 (No 40)AF130P Flash for Pentax 110 (No 47)AF130P Flash for Pentax 110 Cameras (No 49)AF130P Flash with case for Pentax 110 (No 34)AF130P Pentax 110 Flash (No 35)AF130P Pentax 110 Flash (NO battery cover) (No 41)AF160 Flash for Pentax ME Super (No 3)AF160S Flash for Pentax ME Super (No 4)AF160Sa Pentax Flash (No 12)AF200T Pentax Flash for Pentax 645 Medium Format Cameras (New)Agfa 35mm flash shoe mount bulb flash (No 13)Agfa 35mm flash shoe mount bulb flash with booklet & case (No 14)Agfa 8S Automatic Super 8 Press Tape Splicer (No 10)Agfa 8X Loupe Agfa KARAT Rangefinder camera Agfa Ready Set (620 film) (22D)Agfa Solette II w/ 85mm coated f4.5 Apotar in Compur Rapid Agfa Super 8 Cement Type Splicer with instructions (No 11)Agfachrome Double 8 Color Movie Film July 1970Agfamatic 126 Delux Color Outfit Air Bulb for Packard shutters (No 61)Airequipt Circular Slide Magazines (2)Akaretta II Rangefinder Camera w/ 45mm f2.8 Xenar Albinar Camera Outfit Bag (No 84)Alien Bees B400 Flash Unit All New From Leitz. items)Bellow I for Visoflex I with ring 16558 ZBellows for Olympus Pen FT Cameras Bellows I Leica Ring 17672U for 50mm Summicron (No 32)Bellows Type Topcon Microscope Attachment Belt Clip (Bitco Brand) (No 19)Benser Case Filter Holder to fit Leicaflex (No 4)Besbee 16mm Film Reel Clips (to hold your film secure) (No 9)Beseler Century Vu-Graph Overhead Projector Beseler Dual Dichro 23 Instructions (xerox copy) 9pg Besler Overhead Projector Besler Toshiba (for Topcon) 660 Flash (tested)Bessa 46 uses 120 film for 645 format pictures (c1939)Bessa46 (1939) Camera for 645 format on 120 film Bessamatic Camera with 50mm f2.8 Color Skopar Bessematic Body Birdseye Flash Camera (127 film) (115I)Birdseye Flash Camera (620 film) (123I)Black 1971 Nikon FBlack Bolex cap for 8mm (No 13)Black Minox Case (No 2)BLM1 generic brand Battery Charger for EVOLT E300 E500 E1 E300 C-7070Blue "CB" Bay 50 Hasselblad Brand Filter Blue Painted Canvas Backround Blue Translucent Multicolor Bowl (No 6)Board & Case for making a Dry Cell Power Supply for Bolex Electric Motor Body Cap (Pentax brand) for Pentax 6x7 Cameras Body Cap (Soligar) for Miranda Cameras (No20)Body Cap for a Voigtlander Prominent Cameras BODY CAP for Bronica ETRBody Cap for Canon EOS Cameras Body Cap for Canon FD Cameras Body Cap for Contax Cameras Body Cap for Konica Body Cap for Mamiya C330 TLRBody Cap for Mamiya RB67 Cameras Body Cap for Minolta Maxxum Cameras Body Cap for Minolta MD SRT type cameras Body Cap for Miranda (No18)Body Cap for Olympus Cameras Body Cap for Pentax K Mount Cameras Body Cap for Pentax Screw Mount Cameras Bogen Anti Theft Plate with security cable and key (new)Bogen Manfrotto 3031 tripod with 3160 fluid head Bogen Monolite X200Bogen Short Center Tripod Column Bogen Stand Adapter to fit a 5/8" end stud (No 53)Bogen Thread Caps (for the top tripod screw)Bolex 155 Macrozoom Instruction Manual 28pg (xerox)Bolex 16mm Non-Reflex Leather Case (No 83)Bolex 16mm Product Buying Catalog 1972 30pg (xerox)Bolex 16mm Standard Back wind Crank (no77)Bolex 265 Instruction Book 12pg (xerox)Bolex 5.5mm Finder Mask for use on a B8SL C8SL B8L or D8L Cameras Bolex 8/16 Movie Guide Tydings 9th Printing 1959, 126pgs (Original)Bolex Accessories Bolex B8 Instructions (xerox)Bolex B8 Sales Brochure (folds out)Bolex Back Wind Crank (No 24)Bolex Back Wind Cranks for 8mm (No 11)Bolex Bayonet Adapter to "C" Mount Lenses (new) (No 25)Bolex C Mount "Kern-Paillard" Lens Case (No 1)Bolex C Mount "Kern-Paillard" Lens Case (No 2)Bolex C Mount Turret Cap (No 26)Bolex Cable Rlease Adapter Cat #80431 (new) (No 69)Bolex Cement Splicer (No 78)Bolex Cord to Electric Hand Grip to MST Motor (new) (No 56)Bolex Exposure Calculator for Daylight both H16 and H8 (No 68)Bolex Filter Holder Set (20mm W x 38mm L) (No 10)Bolex Filter Set (No 60)Bolex Filter Set with 33.5mm Slip-on Adapter Ring (No 12)Bolex H16 Crank Handle (No 21)Bolex H16 Non-reflex or H8 Crank (No 6)Bolex H16 Standard accessory and lens booklet 17pg (xerox)Bolex H8 Movie Camera Instruction Manual 36pg (xerox)Bolex Hood & Cap for 75mm f2.8 YVAR (No 80)Bolex Hood (Cat No 1293) (No 15)Bolex Hood (No 17)Bolex Hood (No 20)Bolex Lens focusing handle (new) (No 74)Bolex Lens Focusing Handle (No 75)Bolex Lens Shade (No 18)Bolex Motor Power Supply Circut Board Plug in Wire (No 2)Bolex Movie Guide K Tydings 128pg 1956 (original)Bolex Octometer Cushion Eye Rubber (No 22)Bolex Octometer Eyecup (new) (No 27)Bolex Octometer for H16 Non-reflex (No 9)Bolex Parallax Compensator (No 68)Bolex Pistol Grip with trigger (6 1/4" long) (No3)Bolex Plug #SR 1188 for MST POWER PACK (new) (No 55)Bolex Rail (new) (No 50)Bolex Reflex-5 Instruction Book 16pg (xerox)Bolex REX-5 and SB/SBM Instruction Manual 44pg (xerox)Bolex S2 Movie Light for 155/160 Super 8mm Movie Camera Bolex Series 7 (3 feet) 1 Meter Closeup (No 73)Bolex Super 8 Variable Delay Selftimer Bolex Super 8mm Cement Splicer (No 14)Bolex Switar Hood (No 19)Bolex tape spreader with metal handle (No 79)Bolex Tripod Adapter Screw (No 57)Bolex Zoom Lens Handle (No 23)Bolex Zoom Reflex P1 Instructions (xerox)Bolex Zoom Reflex P2 Instruction Book 31pg (xerox)Bolex Zoom Reflex PAN-CINOR CAP (No 8)Bolex Zoom Reflex Phamplet 10pgs (xerox)Boom Clamp (No 16)Booster cell Case for use with a Leica meter (No 1)Bottom of a Case for a Hasselblad Meter Knob Bottom Tripod Hole Mount Adjustable Flash Bracket (No 4)Bounce card for 285HV Vivitar Flashes BOX & BUBBLE for 28mm f3.5 Nikkor-Auto (Non-AI)BOX for a Hamco subminature camera Box for a Micro 16 subminature camera Box for a Minetta subminature camera Box for Ansco Viking and Instructions (206D)Box for Brownie Reflex Syncro and Instructions (222)Box for Candid Type Camera & Instructions M&M CO (49S)Box for Detrola Candid Camera Model G f4.5 & instructions (99S)Box for Honywell Pentax Prism Binocular 8x40 BWCFBox for KANDOR JR Candid Type Camera Model #C295Box for Keystone 16mm Movie Camera Model A-9 w/ 2.5 lens Box for Kodak Bantam f6.3 Lens (39T)Box for the "Mykro-Fine" subminature camera Boxes.....

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