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She’s turned her celebrity status—she’s won two SAG Awards, among others, and was ranked as the 32nd most powerful woman in the world by Forbes in 2014—into promotional gigs for Pepsi and Covergirl, among others, and she has a clothing line in her name at Kmart that’s meant to encourage women to focus on their assets and not worry about the rest.

But like I said, a ton of celebrity babes showed up and got ridiculously sexy and showed off a record-breaking amount of cleavage, so stop reading this and check out the rest of the babes and photos (over 85! just posted on her Instagram featuring her super cleavagy self dressed as Wonder Woman…

strutting her sexy stuff and showing off her wicked stems and her killer booty in a pair of ultra skin-tight jeans in Beverly Hills yesterday afternoon. Even when she isn’t busting out her ginormous bosom she’s still inducing a drool-fest.

By the time she was plucked off the beach and into a modeling career at age 23, she’d already been married, had a baby, divorced, and started attending dentistry school.

Vergara also snagged the 2017 People's Choice Award for Favorite Comedic TV Actress, so we're not the only ones who think her on-screen persona is hilarious. Now I do my physical twice a year.” Vergara has appeared in multiple commercials for Diet Pepsi. ” Guess it's safe to say Joe Manganiello has all those qualities.

Vergara's on-screen persona, Gloria, is the epitome of a strong woman, but Vergara herself is a survivor. And if you ask us, it's the greatest thing that's ever happened to soda. [But] people in America are very into working out and being healthy, so I said, ‘You know what? The veteran Any woman with an accent—let alone a woman capable of speaking multiple languages—is automatically a knockout.

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