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If you’re like most of our clients, you’ve probably invested most of your energy to developing your career.

And in a hectic place like Los Angeles, that comes with many responsibilities.

Obsessing over someone means a lot of work and turmoil for you.

It means you’re not giving yourself the freedom to enjoy life.

You probably never thought that it would be so hard to find love since there are, after all, so many single men in LA.

But you’re quickly finding out that not everyone is looking for real love, and not everyone wants to settle down.

Online dating sites and mobile dating apps can be soul sucking, and swiping right rarely produces quality dates.

Are you looking to meet quality men but don’t know how?Online dating might seem like the easiest thing do, but you quickly get burnout sifting through hundreds of profiles and meeting men who only want to get you in the bedroom.If you’re really serious about settling down and finding Mr. Let our LA dating experts show you a list of five unusual places to meet single men in Los Angeles.All you have to do is follow these simple instructions. Or are you still holding on to your sideburns from the mid-nineties? Your hair says a lot about you…make sure it’s saying the right thing. If your finances provide, get a whole new wardrobe, but in this current economic climate, we’ll let you off the hook with one new ensemble. This is a good rule in general, and frankly, you should probably start now, whether you’ve got someone already or not. This is all-encompassing, and includes making sure you’re freshly showered, your hair is washed, your teeth are brushed, and that you’re wearing some cologne that has been purchased since you were in seventh grade.You can’t put a price on not looking like your roommate hooks you up with a Flowbee. We know you love your old Levi’s with holes all over, but that’s only a look that’s acceptable once you’re married and trudging towards death together. Some new, stylish clothes (that FIT correctly) will go a longs ways towards covering up all of your other flaws (of which, I’m sure, there are many). Because let’s face it—NO women are out there thinking, “Man, if only I could find some out of shape guy with love handles and a beer gut to wrap my arms around.” It doesn’t happen. Yeah, OK, so technically that Drakkar that you’ve been sporting since ’92 isn’t rotten, per se, but if your scent reminds her of a seventh grade dance, then that’s probably all the action you’re getting.

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