Sims 3 dating your boss

Career advancement info First you can make more money just fishing than at any career I have found as of yet. So for the science career befriend Anya and have your gardening and fishing skills up) I did this all before I went for the job and ask for a raise until I got up to 260 daily - dont know how to get to the last raise/promotion as of yet.For the political you need to be at the top of all your skills, befriend all the sim neighbors and be best friends with Ruth.

FYI- asking to marry at the other sims house will enable you to use there high end furniture (stove, computer) (Luke, single has a great place to learn to cook) while you save and buy what you need - then just go home invite them over and they will move in.

The answer to all your questions is that you get offered a house upgrade, you cant get one yourself, when they do offer you an upgrade go onto the little chair icon at the bottom of your screen then click HOUSE UPGRADE !!! Now for gardening, its different, you can only start gardening when you have had a couple of house upgrades, then once you have had them upgrades you get a new door, its your garden door, when you go out that there is a patch where you can grow items of food, you can harvest them and sell them at the shop, however you will need a watering can and fertalizer.

I hope this has helped you with your questions :) But I have a question of my own: How many people can live with you at once, and can you have children ?

I got the house upgrades when the message popped up but I had to use the kitchen phone to access the option to buy furniture or upgrade house. hi ya, when I was looking for the answers to my problem I found yours, I have the same problem, I seem to be able to do nothing except go to other sims houses, fish and go to work.

My version has 75 goals but I discovered only 63 of them and even though I did all 63 goals that I discovered, only 55 of them are checked off. I can't improve the house or do gardening like everyone else and I have about 18,000 to spend but on nothing! :) shelokie guys so the answer to ur qeustions are very simple the reason why u cant upgrade is because the game itself tells u wen they have a new house upgrade for u so even though u'v been playing for a while doesnt matter u have to wait untill u get a msg saying there is a new house upgrade waiting for u and wen that happens u have to go to ur phone in the kitchen in the game ofcourse lolz and go down to house upgrades and u'll be able to upgrade wen the game has new upgrades for u I hope this helped!

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The other version is what I used to have on my nokia 6700, it has poorer graphics and you can hardly do anything!

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