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This is typically either two our three letters, initials of the makers name or an abbreviation of the name of the maker or company.

It can also be all of the company name, as in this example; Alton.

The most common is a content mark that gives the quality of the metal. It can either appear together with the garantee mark of the authorities, or it can replace that mark.

Contents New town marks for watch cases Typical import marks Standard marks • Silver • Gold Sponsor's mark Date letter Dublin marks Punch types Shield shapes Date letters from 1907 Hallmarks before 1907 Gold cases and the Great War Cautions about hallmark tables This page is about a change to British hallmarking in 1907 that required all imported gold and silver watch cases to be assayed in a British assay office and, if they passed, to be marked with new specific hallmarks that identified them clearly as imported items, so that the public would not think that they had been made in Britain. Since at least 1738 the cases of foreign gold and silver watches retailed in Britain should, by law, have been assayed and hallmarked with British hallmarks in exactly the same way as British made gold and silver cases, but the law was misinterpreted by both the customs and assay authorities.

Further down in this articel you will find a selection of marks from cities were with an important production of modern silver jewelry.

The first hallmark is the makers mark of the goldsmith or the company that either made the object or imported it to Sweden.The hallmark with a combination of a letter and a number is the date letter, that gives us the year of production.This system for marking precious metalls started back in 1759 and is still in use, although the silversmiths are no longer obliged to use date letters.Before 1 June 1907 were simply imported and sold without British hallmarks.The Act also created work for the importers of watches, because cases had to be marked with a British registered sponsor's mark before they could be sent to be assayed and hallmarked.

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