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A surprisingly interesting manga/anime-inspired DS game has just been released in Japan by Konami – Shugo Chara! It is a life simulation with RPG elements for girls that follows Amu Hinamori, a young girl who has four guardian characters who help Amu become more like the person she wants to be.

Its the job of the player to help guide Amu become stronger, smarter and more popular, while also protecting people against corrupted dreams. Amu no Nijiro Chara Change takes place after the point in the Shugo Chara!

) Ryusuke Minami (Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad) I really wanted to add Zuko from Avatar: the Last Airbender but technically that's not a Japanese anime... Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist Fai from Tsubasa Chronicles Train Heartnet from Black Cat Kimihiro Watanuki from xxx Holic and Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin from Ouran High School Host Club!

If you want to look at pictures you can look at my tumblr nothing special...

This means that, through-out the game, there will occasionally be RPG style battles against X Eggs and X Characters Amu will have to handle with the help of Ran, Miki and Su. Each month there are athletic assessments and tests, and its in Amu’s best interests to pass.

There are also mini-games with Ran, Miki and Su, Amu’s three main guardians.

``Tadase, Nagihiko, Souma, Kairi, Ikuto or the 1st generation KING??

I mean, yeah, her chara change is nice, but I don't like her characteristic. ^w^ Shugo Chara is really good but Ikuto is the main reason why i watch the series~ He is so cool and I like his guardian a lot too.

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