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: Have Consensual Sext Your reasons for sexting should always be your own, which means never let a guy pressure you into doing something you aren’t comfortable with, even if it’s not ‘sex’ as it’s typically defined.Sexting is just as intimate as the real thing so if you aren’t willing to send photos, talk dirty, or even just flirt via text, then don’t!We’ve put together a few ways to safe sext whether you’re a beginner or advanced – there’s something for everyone!The true key to safe sexting is to stay within your comfort zone.

“I started to feel like a toy to him so I stopped doing it.If a guy is pressuring you for a sext, let him know in a cute way that it’s not going to happen by saying something like, “I’d rather talk about this in person…” or “Maybe we can make that happen later tonight.” If he still tries to push you, then make it a little more clear: “I don’t feel comfortable sexting – I prefer physical contact ;)” He’ll get the hint, but it won’t push him away.So now that you have our rules for sexting, you’re probably wondering how to apply them.: Keep it PG-13 While sexting by definition is R-rated, there are ways to keep it PG-13.There are plenty of sexts to send that don’t cross the line: partially nude photos, artfully done pictures of parts of your body (artfully = strategically hiding your naughty bits!

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