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The student would answer : La tierra gira alrededor del sol en un afio. When the Spanish Readings are begun, the same exer- cise might be continued.

In the syntax only such a general outline as the student will have time to master has been attempted.

A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. — Bring the lips lightly together in the middle, but keep them apart in the comers of the mouth. d final and between two vowels is absorbed : verd A for verdad, naa for nada, vivio for vivido, dao for dado. n final is pronounced as though followed by g: Don(g) Juan(g). z is substituted for s, and tnce versa : ^ C6mo ezt4 ozt6 ? T and r combine, but / and / are separated : a-troz, a-tr As ; but at-leta, At-lante. Compound vowels may not be separated : bue-no, tie-ne ; but ba-til. The prefixes de Sy ab, sub are excepted from the above rules, when they are felt as prefixes : des-acordar, ab-rogar, sub-arriendo ; but su-bir, a-bundar. In words of two or more syllables, one syllable is enunciated with greater emphasis than the others. And so : — los reyes, the king and queen, amos, master and mistress, los tlos, the uncle and aunt, esposos, husband and wife, los parientes, the kinsmen (both duques, duke and duchess, sexes) . los hermanos, the brothers and abuelos, grand parents^ ances' sisters.

Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. 11 as j^ (consonant) : cabayo for caballo, and as Englishy.* llorar. This is called the tonic or syllabic accent, and the pause on this syllable is longer and more decided than in English.

The most that he can do is to present in his own way such matter as will best contribute to his aims. Irregular verbs Defective verbs Irregular past participles Verbal idioms List of irregular verbs VII. 7 PAGES 3-6 7-8 SBCn ONS 6-9^ ID "-23/ 24-37 38-43 44-77 78-89 90-98 99-106 107-134 135-140 141-142 143-143^ 144-145^ 146-148 149-157 158-160 161-216 217-221 222-225 226-228 229 230-242 8 CONTENTS SECTIONS VIII.

You can search through the full text of this book on the web at | //books .google .com/I 7-? 17 HARVARD UNIVERSITY LIBRARY OF THE Department of Education COLLECTION OF TEXT-BOOKS Contributed b; th« Publisber K TRANSFERRED harvard c" libr; I A SPANISH GRAMMAR FOR THE USE OF COLLEGES AND SCHOOLS BY SAMUEL GARNER, Ph. RECENTLY PROFESSOK OF MODERN LANGUAGES, UNITED STATES NAVAL ACADEMY •« £i qm quiere hablar bien, debe principiar por hablar mal,** NEW YORK:. CHICAGO AMERICAN BOOK COMPANY r HAMSf ERKFO TO HARVARD C^LI. Of course, nothing will prove a substitute for the living teacher; but even with such aid, the learner must be taught how to make the sounds which differ from those of his native language, and this, in most cases, can only be done by approxima- tion to and comparison with sounds already known. Google This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. c (before e and i) is pronounced as j .- coser for cocer. — The above are some of the more common peculiarities, which are frequently heard even on the lips of fairly well-educated people, and the student who expects to talk with native Spaniards should learn them in order to save himself much perplexity. The question of syllabication is very important, as on it depends a good pronunciation. — 2 1 8 SPANISH GRAMMAR el cors6, the corset los corses, the corsets. la tribu, the tribe, las tribus, the tribes, el tisii, the tissue, los tisiis, the tissues. — But some authors add es to nouns in ^ or j;^ : rondoes, tisiies. el bajd, the pacha, los bajaes, the pachas, la o, the o, las oes, the o*s, la be, the b, las bees, the b's. Z final becomes c before the plural ending es : El pez, the fishf los peces, the fish{es); la cruz, the cross, las cruces, the crosses, b. Finally, certain nouns are used only in the plural: — los calzoncillos, the drawers, los viveres, the provisions, las nupcias, the nuptials, las enaguas, the upper skirt, a. — Most nouns indicating living be- ings are masculine or feminine according to sex : — , el hombre, the man. It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. i i made by the merest contact of the hps ; b, /, and m require a little more pressure. In those coming from German, w is sounded as z/, while in English names it is like u : W6ber = V6ber / Windsor = Ulndsor. Dento-Linguals (Tooth-Tongue Sounds) c before e and / ) . c and p before / are assimilated : perfetto for perfecto, ratto for rapto (both t*s being sounded). A single consonant and the letters ch, II, and rr go with the following vowel : mo- ti-vo, mu-cha-cho, ba-ta-Ua, ba-rro. Two or more consonants between vowels are separable : al-ma, cons-tan-te ; but b, c, //, /, g, p, followed by / or r, combine with the following vowel : li-bro, pu-drir, i-gle-sia. The unaccented finals -is, -es, and proper names in ez, es, and es, and most other proper names, have the same form in the plural : — la crisis, the crisis. Here should be noted also certain masculine nouns which, in addition to their regular plural meaning, frequently indicate both sexes of pairs naturally associated ; as, los padres, the fathers^ or the father and mother^ the parents. la mujer, the woman, el "^^dx Qy Jhe father, - la madre, the mother. Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. ), como {as), tii {thou), tu {thy), and € {and), k {to). Note further that all syllables preceding and following the tonic syllable are evenly pronounced, there being scarcely any secondary accent in Spanish : tipogr Afico, jurisdicci6n. The declensions with the other articles, definite and indefi- nite, are made in the same way, save that there are no con- tractions. — The form of the accusative with a is, in general, used when a noun, representing a person or other animal, is the object of a transitive verb. Leo el libro, la carta, / read the book, ithe letter. Nouns ending in an unaccented vowel (except y), or in /, 6, u, zxid papa, mamd, sofa, take s in the plural : — Singular Plural la casa, the house. Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. l O SPANISH GRAMMAR Note that in diphthongs formed of a strong plus a weak vowel, or of a weak plus a strong, the chief stress is on the strong vowel. In Spanish nearly all consonants are pronounced much more indistinctly than in English. From this PRONUNCIATION 1 5 must be excepted many compounds whose component parts are felt to be separate words : jurisconsulto, sobremanera, salvaguardia. In other cases the preposition is usually omitted : — El maestro castiga al discipulo, The teacher punishes the pupil.

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