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Internals are supported with 64-bit Octa Core processor, 3GB RAM and 6GB ROM encased in a metal unibody design that operates on an Android Lollipop operating system.

LEAGOO Shark 1 is now available with the pricing of RM999 at LEAGOO’s store in Low Yat Plaza and also all of its authorised resellers.

To support such a large capacity battery the phone has to be big and it does not fail in real estate, at 6″ the device is rather slim at a mere 8.5 mm which the product owners plan to have included in Guinness World Record for being the slimmest in its category.

The key to allergic relief, according to naturopathy, is bringing the immune system back to healthy functioning. Nettles (Urtica urens) Anyone who’s accidentally brushed up on a nettle can identify the plant immediately.

Touching the undersides of the leaves brings a stinging, burning irritation that subsides in a few minutes.

One study even found a possible link between use of inhalers and stunted growth in young children.

Where conventional medicine prescribes chemical antihistamines and steroids to combat hay fever, naturopathic medicine looks at the root cause of the allergic response. Allergies are “an inappropriate response of the body’s immune system to a foreign invader that is not always harmful,” says Dr. “The immune system wrongfully identifies these invaders as harmful and mobilizes an army of white blood cells to fight them.

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They can be picked and immediately preserved in a tincture of grain alcohol, or dried and taken in a capsule.

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