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I saw my oncologist after all the surgery was over and she told me that I was high risk for recurrence and that I should start chemo right away. I had an oncotype dx test and my score was 15 which in the low zone. Oct 10, 2016 PM - edited Oct 11, 2016 PM by scaredashell07 Hi fe princess. they're telling me chemo because my lymph node biopsy was positive. I feel like I shouldn't question their treatment plan because they are MSk but I also don't feel that are telling me all my choices and all my risks Oct 10, 2016 PM jojo9999 wrote: How many nodes were positive? Personally, I would prefer to do the surgery first, a sentinel node biopsy and then the oncotype, and have a shot at skipping chemo.

I moved to Switzerland in June of 2015, and my oncologist here told me I did not need chemo either. If it is three or fewer, I would think you would be a candidate for Oncotype testing. Oct 10, 2016 PM - edited Oct 15, 2016 AM by scaredashell07 this I is hnestly why I don't understand MSKs protocol. I had one node positive found in an us and tested positive during needle aspiration. My MO said my oncotype test would probably come back high so that I should just do the chemo and hormonal drug. One of the major improvements in the last decade or so has been the ability for high ER/PR , HER2-, low grade cancer patients to opt out of chemo if the oncotype shows that it has little chance of helping. I would want a better explanation for why they are pushing the neo.

There are a few threads on the boards discussing Oncotype scores for node positive disease.

there is a poster named BARREDOWL who is very knowledgeable about this.

Oct 9, 2016 PM Alex276 wrote: I am also stage 2/grade 2, er pr her-. I had 4 tumors that were in 3 different quadrants so lumpectomy was not an option. My first oncologist reccomended 4 rounds of chemo just as a precaution.

I got a second opinion from another oncologist and also talked to my radiologist who I absolutely adored and respected. The second oncologist actually took my case to the tumor board and all Dr's there agreed no chemo. I started tamoxifen in July but I have now decided to switch to ovary suppression with Zolodex and will start taking an AI if I tolerate the suppression.

If it is a very large node, or very high grade, then perhaps.I would press for an explanation for why you don't qualify for the test.Oct 11, 2016 PM Nancy2581 wrote: true jojo, but in my case my tumor was much bigger than your's 2.8cm and the LVI scared the crap out of me. It's ok - still I would have liked all the info that comes with the onco test and I have no regrets for doing chemo. I was originally to do TAC where the T is taxotere.On top of that I have said I have some concerns about other Breast and they said if I do a double mastectomy the first opjnion will not test the nodes for that breast whereas the other opinion said they would.So confused Oct 10, 2016 PM - edited Oct 10, 2016 PM by Fe_Princess Hi Scaredashell, I have your exact diagnosis except my tumor was 3cm. I was told that if I had the surgery to remove the breast, I would be able to pass on chemo. Oct 10, 2016 PM gracie22 wrote: Scared, I don't get it either.

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