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This information is needed for efficient utilisation of resources available for HIV control.

As part of a study to assess the cost and efficiency of various HIV prevention strategies in Andhra Pradesh, we assessed the cost and efficiency of STI clinics in the public sector.

STI clinics in the government hospitals in India provide services predominantly to the poor.

There is un-utilised capacity in the public sector STI clinics in this Indian state.

Efforts to facilitate utilisation of this capacity would be useful, as this would enable more poor patients with STIs to be served at minimal additional cost, and would also reduce the cost per STI treated leading to more efficient use of public resources. The presence of sexually transmitted infections other than HIV (referred to as STIs in this paper) increases substantially the risk of acquiring/transmitting HIV, and therefore, the control of STIs can be an important part of the effort to control emerging HIV epidemics [].

Generally, the STI care in medical college hospitals and district headquarter hospitals is provided in distinct separate clinics, whereas in area hospitals it is provided as part of the general outpatient.

Andhra Pradesh has three geographic regions: the northern Telangana region has the state capital and nine other districts, the eastern Coastal region has nine districts, and the southern Rayalseema region has four districts with a population of nearly half that in the other two regions.

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