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Aiming to reach as many people as possible, the explicitly illustrated book Me and You will be published in three editions.As well as Swedish, there will also be an Arabic language version “especially for those who are new to Sweden”.

Answering the questions they posed, Perez explains in the book “How do you get in touch with someone in a hurry and how do you get together? ” Elsewhere on his website, the journalist shows off his work with young Swedes, where in one class of 20 pupils of 10-12-years-old he led a “workshop on gender roles”, teaching that “Gender roles and other norms are perceived. When asked on Swedish television what he hoped his work would achieve, Perez replied: “I want this book to reach the classrooms for immigrants all around Sweden”.

“They stood in the same trench as the terrorist groups in Syria, such as the Al-Nusra Front, and other groups which joined Al-Jazeera in attacking the MBC series,” he said.

The allegations against Al-Jazeera come at a time of heightened tensions in the Gulf region.

Other Qatar-backed media also took a critical stance on the “Black Crows” show, given that it is made by a Saudi-owned broadcaster.

The London-based Middle East Eye, for example, claimed that the show “underlines Saudi’s self-appointed role as bulwark against extremism but critics say (the) Kingdom is a sponsor of violence and intolerance.” Ali Jaber, MBC’s director of television, questioned why the Qatari channel was attacking the show and inciting violence against MBC’s employees. the Qatari-owned Al-Jazeera, which understands very well the risks of inciting radicals against media practitioners, would want to put the lives of their colleagues at MBC at risk when they are supposed to be with us in the same anti-terrorism camp,” Jaber told Arab News. media ethics should never be affected.” MBC Group was forced to step up security at its facilities across the Middle East following Daesh threats made over the broadcast of “Black Crows,” while Kuwaiti actress Mona Shaddad has said she and other cast members had received death threats, according to media reports.

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