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’ If she smiles, you know you can begin a friendly conversation. “It can be annoying for anyone to approach you when you’re in the middle of a set or a workout, so the best time to make a move is right when she’s finished,” says Sarah Ponn, Fitness Director at Surf Set Fitness. Say you’ve noticed her doing x workout, or wondered about y move.

If she rolls her eyes, she's not into you, so don’t push it! Showing a genuine interest in what she’s doing is flattering, not cheesy.

“Instead, when you’re going into a hard set, head over to the person you’re interested in and ask if you want to work on tricep dips together so you can complete the full set.” 5. You may think lifting a massive amount will catch her eye, but chances are, she’s not even paying attention, leaving you at risk for injury…or embarrassment.

“Leave your ego at the door and actually go up and talk to her if you’re interested! “If she’s near the treadmill or elliptical, ask if she can help you figure out the buttons on the machine—say you usually are in the weight room or taking a certain class, but wanted to try this out,” says Nikki Glor, personal trainer and author of . Just wait until she’s either stepping on or getting off the machine, or else you run the risk of annoying her.” 7. “If you don’t look and smell good, don’t even waste your time starting a conversation,” says Glor.

“Even a well-meaning compliment can catch a woman off guard and make her feel weird,” says Stephanie Coburn, USA Triathlon Certified Coach for Jack Rabbit Sports.According to Jessica Green and Meghan Reynolds, founders of Brooklyn’s Hot Bird Running, asking about her outfit’s a good call.If she’s wearing a race t-shirt, ask her if she did it and what it was like.“Instead, push the ego aside and find something that you can honestly compliment her.And be sincere about it, like: ‘Wow I don't how you can do a plank for so long, they are so hard!

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