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She also teaches classes on Close Relationships, Social Psychology, and Introduction to Psychology.

Click here for Lindsey's Jeff’s research examines the role of self-control in relationship maintenance, and how mental representations of romantic partners are influenced by psychological distance.

D., Washington University Marni is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in health psychology.

He is particularly interested in how these phenomena manifest in the implicit signals partners send during interpersonal interaction, including mimicry, word choice, and gaze. D., University of Liverpool Rob is an evolutionary psychologist who researches what we find attractive in potential partners.

For example, she examines why some people—but not others—choose to avoid situations that facilitate relationship initiation, how people’s offers and requests for support change as partners develop close relationships, and how unique features of the relationship context shape partners’ physiological, behavioral, and psychological responses to stressful situations in newly-formed relationships.

She uses diverse methodologies to investigate these topics, including developmental approaches, biological methods, field studies, experimental designs, and longitudinal and daily-report studies.

She conducts both quantitative and qualitative research with publications appearing in the .

In addition, she teaches classes on interpersonal communication and research methods.

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