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She'd jumped at the chance to recommission in the Guard as if the army were a rescue basket waiting to lift her away from her pastoral failures and a relationship she'd believed was irretrivably broken. The voice of her survival school instructor echoed in her head. “As we know, the church's position toward her clergy is that they be either married, or celibate.” “Or in a faithful, monogamous relationship if they're not allowed to marry by the laws of their state.” Aberforth blinked at her. However, there was no legal or moral impediment to your marriage.” “You just jumped the gun,” Sterling said. “Clare and Van Alstyne tied the knot less than five months after she'd gotten back from deployment! Toxic chemicals, asbestos, lead.” He snapped off a series of photos. ” Even over the bad connection, he could tell she was upset. It turns out the Mac Allens were fostering a little girl.” 8. They have – they had a grown daughter who got a kidney transplant when she was a kid. As soon as I got the call from Hadley—from Officer Knox—the fire marshal's team and I started searching. ” “No formal report until tomorrow or Wednesday, but he did confirmed they'd each been shot in the head,” Flynn wiped his face, leaving behind an ashy streak his jaw. ” “According to the woman at CFS, Mikayla's on daily medication.” She checked her notepad to get the word right. Find her doctor and put out a med alert at all the area phamacies. The rectory echoed empty when she opened the kitchen door. She traced her hand over the fat, squared off crystal glasses that had been her parents' in the 60s. The doctor, who looked like someone's kindly grandmother, laid the the sonographer's report on her desk as she indicated the chairs opposite. She didn't have enough problems surrounding her own pregnancy? Two were early, before we'd told anyone she was pregnant.” “Oh, Russ.” She pressed her hand down more firmly, rubbing his back. She'd been wrestling with doubt ever since she became a parish priest. She could just imagine how perfectly frank he must have been. I believe we all know your position in that regard. “The crap that gets released when a house burns is crazy. “Mother, Annie Johnson, lost custody six months ago. “According to the woman at Children and Family Services I spoke with, the Mac Allens had experience dealing with the post-transplant issues. Would have been too easy.” The chief chewed his lip. “Chief,” Hadley said, “about the transplant issue.” “What about it? If I have to go, I'll find somewhere else to serve. The thought didn't do anything to make her feel better. She knew – she knew – that every other pregnant woman in the waiting room had been taking folic acid six months before conceiving and had stopped drinking as soon as the stick turned blue. “Based on the fetal measurements, I'd estimate you're fifteen weeks along, Ms. Part of Clare – the selfish, petty part – wanted to shake Russ and yell at him to snap out of it. “Her sister said she'd had three miscarriages--” “Five. ” Clare was vague on the details, but she knew there were women whose wombs simply couldn't carry to term. THROUGH THE EVIL DAYS delivers another signature brew of riveting plot twists and deep character development.”“This novel, the eighth starring Clare Fergusson and Russ van Alstyne, is among the best in the series, combining steady action with complex, sympathetic characters and an immersive setting. She had taken three or four steps toward the house when she heard a whumping noise. She remembered what she learned on Fire Safety Day: Don't run back into a burning building, and that was a burning building, and what she had to do was call 9-1-1 and the firefighters at the station had been nice and she had gotten a real, hard helmet-- “What the hell are you doing? Saintly patience, regret, and I'm disappointed in you. You never really have to think about the consequences of your acts until it's all too late.” Clare smiled tightly. ” She took her usual place at the head of the table. The droops and folds of his face made him look like a basset hound—if bassets had shrewd eyes and caustic tongues. Kevin Flynn had expected the wreckage of the burnt home to be messy. The chief had had him on light duty since November. And I know if I stay and work the case we won't have as much overtime. I'm not going to make the same mistake with Clare.” “You've got some all-new mistakes to make with her, huh? “No doubt.” He picked up the case file and handed it to his deputy. ” Russ opened his mouth to say yes, then closed it. ” “Ol' Granddad, maybe.” The two men grinned at each other. It's the ideal year-round getaway.” At least that's what the Realtor had said. No phone, no neighbors, and too far for your parishioners to just drop in. I had several..seemed light but I thought--” “We weren't trying to get pregnant,” Russ said. “We don't do terminations at our practice, but I can refer you to--” “No,” Clare said firmly. “I didn't realize I was pregnant, as I said...” her voice trailed off. Even under these excruciating circumstances, it made her heart lift. “Is there any way to tell if there's been any damage? “It looks like the fetus has good spinal closure, there's no evidence of hydrocephaly or any of the other developmental defects we might be able to see at fifteen weeks gestation. Throwing a kid into the mix is a whole other ball game. You wake up every morning wondering if it's going to last. ” “It might not--” “Of course you think it might not, Clare. You live in a world of belief, and faith, and half-full glasses. She watched it until the red tail lights disappeared in the winter darkness. California was banning indoor smoking while you New Yorkers were still selling kids packs out of cigarette machines.” She started to grin up at him, then looked away. With me slicing myself open every day and you waiting and dreading the next time I break down and beg you to love me? It was his fault she couldn't even smile at him now. Then I go back and re-read the whole series from scratch.

“Wake up, love, wake up.” She rolled toward him, bringing the sheets and blankets with her, her heart pounding, her breath coming in short pants. But dammit, Russ was her husband, not her therapist. He swung away from her, grabbing the phone and curling upward in one smooth movement. “Therefore, he is offering you the chance to quietly resign. Nothing had been found yet, but everyone knew it was only a matter of time. He'll ignore humans, unless they've got accelerant on them.” Lent pointed to the charred and listing timbers framing non-existant rooms. Seek.” The dog sprang up and headed toward what must have been the center hall. “The other most usual scenario is a pissed-off husband or boyfriend.” “They were a middle-aged married couple,” Kevin said. “We'll get the shots and then you can bag the remains,” Lent told the fire marshal's men. “Is this some sort of natural result of extreme heat? It's not.” The arson investigator's voice was grim. E.” Kevin retreated to his squad car, grateful for the chance to warm up. It was far back, like something in the kitchen, maybe. The door slammed, and for a second she thought, It's Ted, he's running to stop me, he's coming to get me, he's going to save me, but she could see it wasn't Ted Mac Allen at all. Oscar sprang up, barking and barking, and Mikayla's whole body shook. The door slammed against the bottom of her boot, like a hard slap. The helmet bear was up in the bedroom, too, she remembered. In the black, moon-blank windows, she saw a pinpoint orange-red gleam. The car engine firing up almost hid the sound of breaking glass. More desert, more fields, more canals, more villages, and the smoke always ahead, always in sight, always out of reach. At the lake, Clare and Russ discover the storm isn't the only mortal threat. Then she'd have to stand around in the freezing hallway until he pooped so she could let him back in. The robe was pink and wooly and the booties had real sheepskin inside, which was good, because the Mac Allen's old house was always cold. She could spend all Saturday watching TV in her shortie pajamas, it was so warm inside. As nature unleashes her fury, can anyone unpick the trail that leads to Mikayla before her days come to an end? Fans who have been waiting eagerly for her latest won’t be disappointed; this series, as intelligent as it is enthralling, just keeps getting better.” MONDAY, JANUARY 9 1. Ted and Helen—she was supposed to call them Uncle Ted and Aunt Helen, but she never did inside her own head—had told her Oscar was really a sweet dog. But he was so big, with his tail going thunk-thunk-thunk and his long pink tongue and his stabby white teeth. Mikayla opened the bedroom door and wrinkled her nose. It's me.” She caught her breath at the familiar voice. ” There was a clank, like a pail setting on the floor, and then a figure moved out of the deep dark of the living room into the shadowy gray of the hall.

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A recent transplant recipient, Mikayla will sicken and die without proper medication.

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