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Comic Draw is a full-featured digital comic creation and publishing application for i Pad.Designed with Apple’s i Pad Pro and Pencil in mind, Comic Draw provides a comprehensive suite of comic drawing tools, fast and easy script editing and lettering, and an integrated comic publishing platform in the form of the companion app, Comic Connect.It's the stuff of fairy tales: a chivalrous Prince Charming rides in on his horse and sweeps his lady off her feet.But unfortunately for Chelsea Davy she discovered that dating real-life royalty can bring you crashing down to reality and regal life isn't always what it's cracked up to be. She said that many of her personal achievements were quickly overshadowed by her very public romance and the press never failed to paint her in a poor light.Her deeply troubled marriage, rumours of infidelity, post-natal depression and bulimia made headlines and was the focus of constant speculation.Earlier this year, Hollywood actor Kurt Russell revealed that she used his home as a safe haven from the paparazzi as her marriage fell apart.Need images for your company website or blog--but can't afford (or don't want) to pay for them?Chelsea Blacker, head of client delivery at digital marketing agency Blue Glass UK, put together the following list of websites that provide free images for commercial business use, which means an image is available through a Creative Commons license or is royalty-free.

(Morgue does offer HTML for posting the image, though, which I found quite helpful.) Unrestricted Stock: A mix of stock photos and vectors, this site is entirely free and everything may be used for commercial purposes, according to its license agreement.

warns that not all images on the sites are in the public domain, so double check.

However, I've sniffed around about four sites and they are practically begging me to take the images.

According to Little, the media intrusion was a contributing factor in her tragic death in 1997 and has left a troubling legacy.

"Harry can never forget that his mother was plagued by paparazzi in her final days and, with his brother William, regards them as a contributory factor to her early death," he notes.

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