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While Roy hasn’t spoken up, Roy’s agent is pretty spitting mad at Tang Yan’s side and is snarking that she’s lied about her age to the public and therefore she’s not honest either.

The least sensationalized gossip about the reason for the break up is this – Tang Yan opened her own production company and for her first drama Agent X, the network wanted her and Roy together.

But Tang Yan didn’t want her personal life to mix with her professional life so nixed it and went with her rumored ex-boyfriend Luo Jin as her co-star.

But the network had already contacted Roy and when he found out what she had done, they fought bitterly over it and went into a cold war mode in their relationship.

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The period drama's gripping story sends the tomb searchers to remote regions of China that aren't usually covered in dramas.

In recent years, she has found more projects in the Chinese mainland.

One thing special about Chen is that she has excelled in the romance genre.

Tang Yan made a few public appearances since the breakup and the media was quick to note that she looked wan and even burst into tears when she saw an old married couple being happy.

Roy gave an interview where he mentioned wanting to go back to being friends with her, but when asked at the press conference for her new drama , Tang Yan bit back that she would only be friends with honest people. Roy has actually refrained from speaking up about the relationship despite the ridiculous amounts of mudslinging from her side coming from unnamed sources – that he was controlling, that she bent over backwards to make him happy, that he refused to go public which made her look like a flirt, that he was jealous when she handpicked her next co-star, and on and on.

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