Riot silence 2 end dating violence

Administrators promised zero tolerance; prosecutors pursued a number of allegations.

Students made their way into courtrooms in various jurisdictions, dressed in suits and ties, offering pleas, signing agreements to perform community service and taking selfies with the scales of justice in the background.

With hockey starting and basketball approaching, officials see no end to unrest.

“We’re beginning to see a culture of rioting developing regardless of results,” says Jerry M. What if the cops become the opposition, as they did on May 4, 1970? I hope it’s an anomaly, but likely isn’t.” In addition to UConn’s chaos, four incidents in 2013-14 stood out, both for the students’ actions and police response: -On Dec., 7-8, in East Lansing, 22 men and women were arrested on charges related to setting or maintaining fires in an eight-hour span following Michigan State’s Big Ten championship win over Ohio State 254 miles south in Indianapolis.

“We’re not used to winning things,” says Emily Pettengill, a senior sitting on a wooden porch outside her off-campus house nearby on 20 Union Avenue.

Roommates crowded around, watching highlights from the championship game on a laptop, but several others reconstructed a gathering that increased in size as the night of the title victory grew late.

“We’re a pretty relaxed, non-crazy-riot type of school.” “The police attacked me physically,” says Megan Phippen, Pettengill’s roommate. He was also booked for reckless endangerment in the second degree, resisting arrest, inciting a riot and obstructing governmental administration in the second degree.

Police led German Shepherds on leashes to disperse the crowds. Title winners, runners-up and NCAA Tournament contenders across sports — from basketball to football to hockey — returned to their campuses to increasingly common scenes, from Storrs to East Lansing to Dinkytown in Minneapolis to Tucson.

Shabazz Napier, the team’s shake-and-shoot All-American, acknowledged the upheaval when he stepped onstage for a rally at Gampel Pavilion upon return. “We heard you guys made a tremendous mess at the U,” Napier said. In all, it was a troubling trend of criminal activity triggered by sports events, win or lose.

It was really fun to be honest,” says Karina Stanecki, then a freshman computer engineering major from Bristol, Conn. There were so many people around and I am pretty small. He carried a skateboard and garbage bags past the window that was shattered in the Information Technologies building.

He eyed the black wires now exposed, and collected bottles left behind.

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